April 17th, 2003

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They're going to kill my machine!

Shit. Big Shit. Tony from upstairs just came over here asking for my IP address. GT OIT just got a complaint about some network attack being lauched form my machine here at work. Now very WEIRDLY, the company calling is my home ISP, Abraxis, which is so obscure it doesn't seem to random. I told Tony I use Abraxis to do WebMail but that's it. He basically says that it's likely my machine here has been "compromised" security-wise and they will have to 1) disconnect it from the net and then 2) copy all my data and put it on a new hard drive. "Compromised" machines are basically "executed" as a matter of policy. Jeez. I wonder if I got some weird backdoor virus by using Abraxis web mail that attacked Abraxis back.
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Bits and pieces

Got some odd bits to post at the mo'...

- According to NetBank, the U.S. Treasury has already cashed the check I sent off Monday morning. Wow, now that's fast!

- Caleb picked up some cereal for me at World Market and he came home with my Puffins :) Not only that, I was hungry so I had some and to my delight, turns out it's Cinnamon Puffins. That is the BEST cereal!

- I found myself infatuated with yet another waiter today. This must stop. This time it was the host (sometimes waiter) at Ami. He reallllly appeals to me. Today not only was he kind and handsome, he suggested me for the most divine sparkling lemonade and then when I'd had two glasses, brought over the rest of the bottle and gave it to me to take home. Smitten!

- I am also fascinated with George McIntyre's lips -- very dark and purplish. He's the owner of the coffeeshop I go to twice a day. I think he's really cool looking and I bet he was haunting when he was younger. He's pretty in a way I'm sure most would totally not appreciate. He and his wife are the sweetest.

- My writer's group got cancelled tonight due to some kind of emergency in the life of the host/moderator. I was "on deck" to talk about / hear people talk about the latest chapter of the book I'm writing, Tarimur. I don't have details of what went wrong but I was very flattered by this note: "Sorry Wendy! I want to make sure your piece has the time and attention it deserves!" So next Wednesday.

- Mosquitoes attacked me Tuesday morning. I am still itching, getting worse too. I'm sure I've started an infection. As always. God curse mosquitoes!

That is all for now.
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