April 19th, 2003

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was going to take a bath but after the boys did all their laundry, i bet anything there is no hot water left. i have problems enough getting the tub enough hot water but this is just pitiful. oh, well. another night.

i was super happy all day, then went to the market in chamblee and got a lot of nice food. got stuff from *everywhere* -- i think i got german, polish, russian, indian, chinese, vietnamese, italian, belgian, french who knows what else stuff.

at home had a chat with storm. apprently she and gabby were so impressed with my editing of the new enchantments, gab's stuck my name on the title page as editor. whoo hoo! i love editing and editing her stuff, well, it's a buzz!

it was after this the boys came over. i don't know why, but i get super irritated when they do this "hang out at wendy's and watch her tv while we do laundry thing." i like it when i make *dinner* for them or we watch a movie, but i don't like it when they just be all slobby on my couch.

the most fun was we had was watching mtv. jackass nearly had us all peeing on ourselves. i did *not* like the goldfish swallowing, but everything else (like "urban kayaking") was more funny than sick. after that the osbornes came out. daniel has seen it before but i had only read about it. our conclusion was that sharon is just like caleb's mom (the only SANE one), the daughter doesn't even deserve to be called a bitch, she just needs to die, the son is going to be really fat one day, and we seriously wonder WHO can understand what the fuck ozzy is saying. i mean, i can follow most accents but... jeez. i've talked to drug-addled homeless guys who were WAY more coherent than that! he doesn't sing like that. whatever.

anyway, rambling rambling instead of having my bath. don't suppose the hot water heater has made more water by now, do you?

night night!
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Integrity? No way!

Wow, look:

By Paul Richard, Washington Post, 4/18/2003

WASHINGTON -- Citing ''the wanton and preventable destruction'' of Iraq's National Museum of Antiquities, the chairman of the President's Advisory Committee on Cultural Property has submitted his resignation to President Bush. Another of the committee's nine members is also resigning over the issue.

''While our military forces have displayed extraordinary precision and restraint in deploying arms -- and apparently in securing the Oil Ministry and oil fields -- they have been nothing short of impotent in failing to attend to the protection of [Iraq's] cultural heritage,'' Martin Sullivan wrote in the resignation letter that he sent Monday to the White House.


It's symbolic but still.
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Possibly my future home

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it HERE, but for several years I've entertained the idea of one day moving to Albany, NY (or Troy, across the river). It sounds like something I just picked at random (everybody says "Why?!") but actually there are several reasons it stronly appeals to me. But rather than name those, let me link to a some Skysracper Forum disccusions (this one and this one) showing a mess of pictures and Collapse )

Some other time, I'll give some non-visual reasons. It's just that Caleb sent me one of the forum threads and it made me all "I wanna move!"
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Durian: A New Low

So Caleb had told me last week how our friend V from Vietnam had brought her favorite food, durian, to the coffeeshop the other day and shared it. He had a multi-hour fit about how it was the most revolting thing he'd ever eaten, even worse that the raw herring we were served in Germany. I thought he was overreacting.


Well, last night I was at the farmer's market and decided to get V a present. I brougth it home and noticed that indeed it was a stinky fruit, but it didn't smell that bad, just kind of "different." The smell was really, really strong through, so much so that I wrapped it in a few plastic bags overnight, hoping to maybe container the smell through morning.

I brought it in and after I ordered, I told V she had a present. She was soooooo happy I got everything for free and she was grinning and chattering like a kid at Christmas. Around ten minutes later, she ran over to us neighbors with a stack of plates and spoons and a butterknife so she could cut it. Caleb had told me he'd pay me $50 to eat a quarter of it at that point, until she had split it open, I was thinking I could get some money.

Well, then she cut it. And it was super, super weird looking, like an alien autopsy, no lie! The "fruit" is looks like a cross of scrambled eggs, liver (if it was yellow!), and custard. V was so, so excited and put a big scoop of it on a plate and tried to give to Dorthey. Fortunately Dorthey was like, "Well, can we just try a little bit before you give us all that?" So out of five of us, three of us tried it. One of us (not I) discreetly made a fast move to the garbage can. Dorthey said, "This is not my favorite thing." We all decided to comment more on the texture than the taste. The texture was like avocado or butter or scrambled eggs.

But the taste... the taste of it! I have to say, Caleb was being too nice. It was disgusting. It's not even just that it tastes gross, but that you can't get the taste out of your stomach and then you feel it stinking your whole body up. I had to get two big glasses of water and then a pastry and even then, I still tasted it. Right now, about two hours later, I can feel it turning in my stomach. I wanted to puke for a while. All I had was about a tablespoon. I'm sure if I'd had any more I would have puked.

Another description of the taste/smell from the NYC

"Among the charitable, printable comparisons: overripe cheese. Rotting fish. Unwashed socks. A city dump on a hot summers day."

V is a happy lady. I guess for her, it's like it is with me and my black salted licorice. In Holland and Germany, people love that stuff, the tronger the better. I love it too. But only people from there like it. Everyone else says "salted licorice -- ew, that's sick!" Or they say "I only like red licorice" (to which I say, that is not licorice!). Point being, it's one of those ethnic tastes where if it's not something you grew up with or something you'll be grossed out beyond belief. So V will be eating that durian all on her own, happily too I'm sure :)

Which reminds me... Did you get your coconut jelly drink yet, Dave?
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