April 22nd, 2003

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My "Day Off"

So yesterday morning, working at home before going in to client, I get a phone call from my team members on this software project. They were going over changes and plans to get our prototypes out the door. Talking to me, the project manager goes, "So, how's the day off?" I was rather perplexed and said, "Well, actually this isn't a day off, I'm working." Funny how they work at home all the time for our department and that's work but if I'm home doing a contract that is way more fun and interesting, it's a day off. Maybe I could make my point some day by pointing out how (before taxes) one "day off" could buy me like 20 nice lunches at Ami or three pairs of Italian shoes at Marmi or, to be practical, a couple months condo fees. Not that this would impress this particular guy since I know for a fact he makes about a third what I do (I'm a designer hack, not a programmer) but hell.
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Fill in the blank

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All work and no play makes Wendy a...

Man, I come home from work and then I meet with a client for 2 1/2 HOURS! And now I have MORE work to do. Telling you, I am SO looking forward to my trip anyway, but with this workload lately, it is going to be an ESCAPE!
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Ted -- Live and In The Flesh!

So tonight I finally had an in person encounter with Ted Turner. I keep hearing about Ted sighting from all my neighbors and my friends George and V, who own the coffeeshop right next to his house, but I'd never seen him. Well, finally I have! And the rumors were true!

I was just at the end of my marathon client meeting, strung out on really sweet iced Vietnamese coffee, when my new client went up to the counter to buy a couple bags of (bargain-priced) coffee. He goes over there and I vaguely look over, waiting, and suddenly my brain starts processing this super frumper older man and this youngish businesswoman type over there. I'd registered them coming in but I hadn't really looked.

Anyway, I'm there and thinking how I bet my client is going to be really surprised he brushing right up to this famous billionairre. But then I think, "Hmmm, but before I tell him that, I should observe and see if that really is him." See, I wasn't totally sure since he is so frumpy looking! Observing him, however, it was rapidly obvious it was him: Suddenly this raspy voice is talking to my client, going "Looks like you're having almost too much fun with those coffee bags!" And Phil's there holding the bags, squeezing them saying "Yeah, testing them for freshness, like fruit." Whatever...

I have no idea what Mr. Turner had ordered that he and woman (business or pleasure, not sure) were ordering that he was standing there so long, or maybe he was just chewing the fat with V and George, but finally he and woman go out past me and after a moment, my client goes up and goes "Huh, looks familiar... Ha, just kidding." I explained how Ted lives right next door. Phil's like "He's a bit odd, isn't he?"

Anyway, that is my Ted sighting.
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And your point is???

Is it me, or is this CNN.com article basically nothing more than them saying "Madonna's new album is getting really bad reviews -- here are summaries." WTF? This isn't even speaking as somebody who disagrees (although I am a huge Madonna fan I have not heard even the smallest bit of it myself yet and I did not find her last album at all listenable) but as someone who is just like "What is the point of reviewing reviews?"
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