April 23rd, 2003

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Fresh air

I love walking to work, especially this time of year. I feel so clean and fresh with the chill (but not freezing) air against my cheeks and it's bright and sunny too. Even when I'm not getting enough sleep and there are a million reasons to be stressed out, at least I can happily walk in, reading my book (current: Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling), hearing birds twitter and feeling all is well with the world.
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Reading / Writing

Storm has spoiled me! For Outworlders' book group, I'm reading a fantasy novel, Luck in the Shadows, and at around 80 pages so far, I have to say that although it's well put together and keeping me in suspense, I can tell I am totally, totally spoiled from reading almost nothing but Storm and Storm-like fiction (example, the Bending the Landscape anthology the book group read last) for a couple of years. In Storm there is not just story, but this whole other dimension (or two or three) of spirituality, eroticism and mythology, and so when I read other things, I feel like I've gone from looking at a scultpure to look at a drawing. The funny thing is, I've gone through a bunch of reviews of Luck and found people saying things like "Flewelling gets very descriptive, sometimes overly so" and I kind of laugh because reading gothic stuff, you get so used to there being a lot of description of everything, anything else seems sort of like a "sketch" almost. Anyway, I will continue to read and enjoy (it's a fun book!) but I definitely am going to maybe cull through that book list of mine and find the ones that are a little weirder and wilder and have more description.

In the meantime, tonight Outworlders' writing group meets and among the stories up for discussion is the latest chapter of the book I'm slowly working on. I anticipate some helpful feedback, which what I always get from the group. I really like them because they come to my writing not totally "cold" but on the other hand, as people who don't read anything quite so fantasy or descriptive as my story, so they come from a bit of an outsider's perspective. Also, if they tell me they "get" something, then I can be assured that the readers who are familiar with the sort of story I'm writing will get it even more. Anyway, one comment I anticipate big time is "Wow, there is a lot of description in this!" I really hope they can "see" things in this once, since I spent a lot of time creating the environment of a palace, as the action goes along. Should be interesting to hear them tell me what they think it's really like (it's modeled on the Forbidden City).
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