April 24th, 2003

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as john lennon sang...

"i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired"

jeez, this is really seriously pathethic. and all my own fault. once again, i apparently breached the threshold of sleep deprivation and hung out behind enemy lines for longer than i should have. today (including this moment) it hit me like KAPOW! i am so tired and falling asleep that getting enough coordination -- and eyesight -- to glose windows on my compute is an effort. sigh. probably going home soon, as i am utterly useless almost.
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Wiebke: The Hardest Working Woman in Show Business?

People are sometimes surprised at some of the things I don't do with my time. Like I don't follow any TV shows, don't do RPGs or LARPs, don't go out to the movies, etc. They wonder about how long it takes me take care of household business or how I can go months without going to certain areas of the city. I mean, everybody knows I"m "busy" and "active" but I think few know just how much of the time I'm up to my eyeballs.

Anyway, it was for this reason, feeling a bit overwhelmed by "stuff" lately, this morning I started going over all the things that do occupy my time:

- Nearly-full time job doing web design & interface work at Ga. Tech
- 8-10 hr. week contract with Central Atlanta Progress
- Variable number of client contract work for my company Metro Girl
- Operation of neighborhood listserve, web site, email account, communications
- Multiple monthly meetings related to neighborhood business
- Outworlders groups and events, like monthly writers and readers groups
- Operating quarterly Inception zine
- Writing & reading fan fiction (though it's meager offering with Wraethhu)
- Writing a novel
- Editing books for various authors
- Reading book after book
- Friendship with Caleb (yes, this is a sep. life activity, he he)
- Trying to keep my house clean

I recently wrote to Mercredi that for me, all this stuff I do is sort of a substitute for having a relationship and/or kids. I think I possibly have just as little time as moms and dads with small children. I feel half-mad sometimes too :)
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