April 25th, 2003

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That Is SO Gay - Ugh, Not!

So the Outworlders book group had picked Luck in the Shadow as a fantasy selection with a same-sex relationship and from I got that there were gay heroes. It was listed on all these gay sci-fi/fantasy lists. On Amazon, a lot of the reviews were like "Some might feel squeemish about some of the relationships and mentions in here..." and there were a few hostile posts related to that.

Great book but....., August 3, 1999
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, Washington
I enjoyed Luck of the Shadows very much, then started in on Stalking Darkness, it's also very well written, however I do feel uncomfortable with Alec and Sergil's attraction for each other. It's hard to feel any connection to these characters when you know they are gay. The homosexuality theme sort of crept into the novel, and there is more of it in "Traitor's Moon". I've only read the first few pages, but the relationship between these two men continues. Thus creating a Catch-22, you want to see how the story ends, but you don't want to hear about the "relationship" between Alec and Sergil.


Now the weird thing is that to me, almost done reading it, I can't image why all the gay flags went up. I mean, it's true that very slowly the two main characters are working towards something and that Seregil is attracted to Alec and Alec is confusedly attracted to Seregil, but nothing every happens, no words are spoken, neither of them are tormented about it. Friendship and loyal is way, way more important than anything to do with romance or sex. I understand that the two books after this one in the series are more blatant, but as for this one, it sort of irritates me to think that some people out there would make such a deal of it having this supposedly gay plot going on when to me -- somebody who is LOOKING for such a thing -- it's a realy subtle thing. Not that I'm disappointed it's not this big slashy in-your-face thing, because I know it's a series and builds slowly, but I'm disappointed that people blew the thing out of proportion.

Of course, now I have to read the next two books! Not just for this but because there is some secret related to Alex that is evidently not revealed in this book (I skimmed ahead and looked, bad girl!). Fun summer reading :)
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Gettin' hitched

A fellow contract at work I've known for three years, just went home to India for a vacation that was some leisure, some business, the "business" being that his mother was going to get him a wife. So apparently as of today he's engaged and coming home in a week or so. Some people, fellow Indians here, had kidded him about "You better be careful, next time you visit, your mother will send you home with a wife" but actually it's true, that's what happened. I don't know if this marriage was set up beforehand or something that was only recently arranged. I am glad, however, that however much my mom must wonder about me, I don't have to worry about her hooking me up with a nice Methodist man or something :0)
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