April 27th, 2003


Good Housingkeeping... Er, not!

Loath as I am to admit it, my supervisor Tonette once said a very wise thing to me: "It's your house and you live alone; you can keep your place as messy as you like, from time to time." Even so, it still pains me that I am such a lousy housekeeper. I'm not a quarter as bad as my mother, but that's rather a back-handed complement to myself, given that my mom could be listed in an antonym dictionary as the opposite of good housekeeper :) Anyway, at least I picked up the house this morning, though I didn't really "clean" anything.
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In a development which surprises even me, in the course of one afternoon I've managed to a joint (book) review of The Oracle Lips and Bending the Landscape: SF and do a three-fer review of a Changeling's EP, Lisa Gerrard album and that crazy dark ambient Between the Twilights I probably mentioned in LJ the other week. Whoo hoo! This work was all for Inception, due out later this week. Right now all I'm waiting on is word from Ruby (fab. artist who had promised me some pieces), maybe some additional artwork from me, a Storm news update (yours truly again), and then doing up the main pages and I'll be done. Yay! Something to get off the list for what promises to be a hideously busy week :)
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Amazon: WTF?

I wonder if Amazon has been having a wicked denial of service attack all day? I have had the WORST problems getting through to the site today, constant Cannot Find Service messages, then it'll work for 1/2 a second and be gone. I only notice it because I'm putting together Inception and I always need links to specific titles, plus I grab book cover images off there as well. Just totally flaky and driving me up the wall. I know it'll be fixed by launch time, but for now, I'm just wondering what's up.