April 28th, 2003

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Ayptical Behavior, School Bus Nightmare

Last night, at 10 o'clock, I decided there was no reason it was necessary for me to be awake. I shut off the computer, took care of my teeth, covered the birds, got in a nighty, wound my clock and went to bed -- by 10:30. It took me a while to fall asleep but I slept until 7:30. How very strange. It will be interesting to see whether after a few days of 8+ hours sleep, the horrible body ache will go away or if the bags under my eyes will shrink up. That'd be nice!

Meantime I had a stressful nightmare that was a total throwback to high school (when I used to have constant nightmare about missing the bus). In the dream Caleb, Daniel and I were living in Andover (my home town) and going to high school together. Apparently we lived over in this neighborhood where some of the snobbier girls used to live because when we went to catch the school bus that's where we were. We had to be in by 7:45 but stupid Caleb was so intent on having us catch "the most efficient bus" and arguing with me about what time school started (and it was my school, so I knew!) that we kept running around different streets *just* missing all these different buses until it was 9. Then Caleb was trying to get someone to give us a ride and got all mad at me because my mother had left for work so we'd have to walk or, according to him, catch another bus. Daniel was pretty annoyed too but didn't care, while I was super upset we were going to be late for the first day of school and I was there thinking about excuses to tell the asst. principal, like how the buses were confusing or had refused to pick us up because of Daniel's tattoo. Sheesh, I'm 28. I need to GET OVER nightmares about the schoolbus!
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This B.A. is baffled

Sometimes, just OCCASIONALLY, I wish I had some clue how to program. Also, I wish I knew how to locate and kill whoever invented SMTPsvg.Mailer for use with ASP. Piece of JUNK that is USELESS! Ugh.

That is all.
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Trying to be cautious, but...

I think I finally figured out the blasted ASP problem.

Of course now my client needs to send me the actual form to work with. Which means I can meanwhile catch up with everything else.
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Agony / Ecstasy

So I was wondering what the heck happened to my SciFi Channel on DirectTV so I finally called them (Caleb and Daniel insisted). Turns out that it and 3 other channels had been moved out of the basic bulk (built-in-to-my-condo-fees) service and the only way to get them was to upgrade, paying the different between my regular package and the next one up. Well, now I get SciFi and a whole host of channels... and I also just spent MUCHO time fussing with my Favorites list so I could weed out all the crap I don't want to see. So far I've removed all DirectTV ads, Sports, and home shopping. I am considering taking out all religious programming as well but so far it's still there. Anyway, my main gloat right now is that I have a couple more movie channels, including AMC, which is what I always watch when I go home to my parents. Nothing like old movies to keep Wiebke happy :)
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It's a good thing I don't write TV-based fanfic...

...or I'd be realllllly tempted to do some Knight-Rider stuff. Oh. My. God. Now that I changed my DirectTV, I get it and I... I think I'm mesmerized.

*snapping out of it... or trying*

Wait, maybe I could do a crossover? Can't you totally see Michael and Lestat riding around with KITT?!

Come on, you know you can!
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Past, Present, Future

Ganked from several people... and abbreviated because I'm doing this to pass the time until dinner is cooked:

I wasn't born yet. My family was living in Fairfield, CT. All four of my grandparents were still alive.

I was 8 years old and in second grade. At school I was beginning to be cognizant that Things Really Sucked. I was in trouble all the time with the teachers, got 5's on conduct, never was allowed out for recess (yep, copying the dictionary), had a
special book where I had to write down every time I raised my hand, etc. I was in counseling with a Mrs. Doran who must have found my quite entertaining.

For Christmas I had got a parakeet, my brother a dog (which became *my* dog for the next 11 years), and my mom got a Tandy TRS-80 computer. My one grandparent, Oma, was still alive and I was still going over her house multiple times a week, often for the whole weekend. Later that year she died.

I was finishing out high school and no doubt totally stressed and confused. Had decided (after all other decisions were taken) to go to UMass Amherst, accepting their partial scholarship. My favorite class was Odyssey, our school's interdisciplinary/progressive history/art/literature/philosophy course, where a couple months later I ended up teaching a two-day course about homosexuality... though personally, I was still totally clueless on that front. My mode of dress was normally menswear, including some really nice saddle shoes and fancy vests and socks. I was obsessed with Germany. I worked
at the library for about $4.50 an hour.

I had just started my current job and had just put money down for my current home. Caleb was in grad school and we used to meet up at the student center for lunch. I had just started to become "the woman" in the neighborhood, heavily involved in the neighborhood association. Meantime I had just entered the world of VC fanfic and had never heard of Storm Constantine. I believe I was still going through my NYC history phase and had read through the circa-1939 Federal Writers Project Guide to NYC, plus a bunch of books by Charles Panatti.

I was celebrating the fact that our old condo had FINALLY sold and not only did this mean no more paying two mortgages (and two condo fees) but it also meant I got a big fat check from the sale and, well, HAD MONEY AGAIN, which was lovely. I had the opportunity to blow off any new contracts and go out and buy things I'd pined for like a new computer, scanner, digital camera, digital piano, CDs... Just pent up stuff. Outside of all that, I think I must have still been writing Breeding Discontent with Mercredi and certainly that, and our whole email friendship, was a big part of my life.

I actually managed to CLEAN up and have it be fun, then I went over to Blue Cloud in part so I could see the Tour de Georgia circuit race but also so I could put my PalmPilot to use and write an Inception article away from home. It worked beautifully
and in two and a half hours I had knocked out the article, right in the midst of my neighbors, plus I'd had a nice fried tofu sandwich and two frozen coffee drinks :) In the evening, after working on Inception a while and doing LJ, I went back to Blue Cloud for a festival planning meeting, then dropped by to see Caleb. At home again, worked on Inception and went to bed at the ungodly hour of 10:30.

I'm going to be glued to my desk making PowerPoint prototypes, plus updating a product web site. My only respite will be when MATRIX, my contract employer, is taking me and a couple other contractors out to lunch. In the evening I will finish up Inception (if I don't finish it tonight, which I may).
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The Hook

I'm going to bed now. It just FIGURES Grandmaster Flash just came on my channel here... and I KNOW it's going to stick in my head all night, it's just too catchy.

Related, rambling, going-to-bed thought: You think George Michael really wanted to be like Grandmaster Flash?

And further, think there's a way I could put Grandmaster Flash, George Michael AND Lestat and maybe the Solid Gold Dancers in a crossover Knight Rider fic (and no, Mercredi, Michael Knight will NOT get killed)?

Night all. Be glad I'm shutting up now.
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