April 29th, 2003

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You know, I'd pay some good money to have my digestive system work.

Since January I have been trying (with varying degrees of success) to clamp down on my consumption of dairy. I thought that was the culprit in a lot of problems I have. At this point I can say that although there have been some definite positive results which tell me that OK, I really *am* doing well to avoid dairy (e.g. decent breath), at the same time I think there are other problems because even when I specifically pick things to eat that are dairy-free, I get to feeling sick. When this happens I quiz myself a bit and try to see if maybe there was dairy and I didn't think about it or what else it could be. Today MATRIX took me out to lunch and at Baraonda, where it pains me to have to be choosy, I chose the spaghetti, which has no cheese and turned down parmesan. No milk in my coffee either and the bruschetta is just tomatoes, basil, garlic, oil and bread. Well, I ate all of this thinking it'd be OK but two plus hours later, my stomach is still telling me "I am not happy!" It's the same kind of icky burning bubbling feeling I used to get after eating dairy (and still do). I feel like my stomach has a little fire in it, like it's really, really hot. I keep wanting to either have some water or something cold, like to cool it down and put out the fire.

Anybody with free medical advice? Like... I don't think this is heartburn (I am fairly sure I've never have that, at least how it's described) but maybe it's something that has a name and isn't just me being crazy?
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Coming This Weekend...

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Note the little quote on the cover from Neil Gaiman: "I wouldn't swap her for a dozen Anne Rices." Bwahahahaha!

And BTW, anyone wants to see a larger version of said cover, I have a big version of the graphic Storm sent me and it's really neat to look at close up.
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