May 1st, 2003

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Why My LJ Layout Is So Boring

I have a paid account but you know what? I still have the layout I chose the day I set things up. There is a reason for this. I think I have decided that HELL I am a web designer and I am friggin' TIRED of designing everything for everyone all the time that if I can just pick a template that is decent and tasteful and does the job and which I never have to worry and fuss over then AMEN TO THAT, I'M TAKING IT!

Not that I'm defensive. I'm not. I was just thinking about how everybody does these redesigns and I'm like "Eh, whatever." Sure, I can be super anal about Inception and spend hours undoing other people's bad (though invisible on browser) code but when it's not broke, no fixing is necessary.
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I totally feel like my body has been put through the wringer. The thing is, I'm here thinking it would actually feel good to go through a wringer at this point, maybe undo all the damage.

Trying to pinpoint exactly what might be going on in my sleep, I've concluded it really is my neck and shoulders that are getting the brunt of it. I suspect this comes from a combo of pillow problems (or the fact that I often dispense with them, tossing them off the bed), the way I tend to flip myself this and that rather violently, often crashing down on my shoulders, and the way I like to keep my head at a 40-90 degree angle from the rest of my body. Erk!
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An Observation

I *definitely* feel way better now (note the time) than when I woke up this morning.

What the hell do I DO in my sleep? I wake up every day feeling like I've been in a wrestling match or something. By now the ache in my shoulders is so, so much less and I am more awake too.

Tonight I am going to try making the bed really, really well and then seeing if I destroy it by morning.
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I just know what malibran is going to say about this!

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