May 2nd, 2003


Official Announcement

Well, I've already posted here how madame_mercredi and I are super lucky enough to have Storm Constantine liking the fanfic novel/la we wrote together, but until she sent out this announcement on her list today, I kind of felt like it was "real":

We plan our next publication to be `Breeding Discontent', which is a Wraeththu fanfic novella by Wendy and Mercredi. It has been available on Mischa Laurent's `Forever' fanfic site and also Wendy's `Procreation' site for some time, but I expect the authors will update and expand the story for publication. I hope to be able
to publish quite a lot of the best fanfiction through Immanion Press, although all accepted pieces will have to fit into `canon', as it were. Also, I think it's important for the fanfics to `stand alone', so that people can read them without having read the original trilogies – makes marketing sense, after all – so some work might
need to be done on some pieces, adding a lightly sketched back story. After BD, I'll re-release the other two volumes in the original Wraeththu trilogy, also with expansions.

BTW, if you're wondering about the "canon" aspect she mentions, Storm's attitude is that while there is a lot of fan fic out there, she'd like any that gets print-published to all fit into the same universe. This is not to say that she imposes her will on it, but that it should of the same sort of cloth and that it's not an AU or something totally different. Characters and plotlines in published fanfic should reflect the "reality" of the books, both the old and the new. Of course, with Storm things go both ways so she will take fanfic characters (like Lisia from our story) and put them in her stories and refer to events in fanfic as if they are "real." It's part of her theory that these universe are expanding as part of a collaborative process.

P.S. There's an EXCEPTIONAL storm going on right now. The rain is going sideways and there's hail or something because my windows are clicking... must go see, possibly shut off 'puter. (If I didn't live in the most power-stable zip code in the SE I'd be more concerned.)
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