May 3rd, 2003

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Bitchy Feelings

Today is one of those days where I am filled with mean, bitchy feelings for no reason. In other words, damn, it's PMS time!

I was grouchy and negative with Daniel and Caleb this morning. Now I'm going to the mall to return my shoes and I'm afraid I'm going to be a bitch with the manager. I will try not to and just get mad inside my head. Radio Shack meanwhile better have my power converter or I will be totally put out.

Maybe I should have some PMS Tea before I go out. I just feel so unaccountably like thrashing somebody!


Well, turns out that although the feeling was quelled somewhat by the tea, a trip to the mall and Little Five Points shopping, I ended up getting in a pointless phone conversation fight with Daniel that had a tinge of this same bitchiness, although I won't say it wasn't partially his fault also. I got into something sharp with Caleb too though he and I were mainly good today.
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Slow Cleaner

4 hours to clean essentially one big room (kitchen/dining/living) and the amazing thing is, it feels like it went quickly. Sigh. It's not like I live in college-student type squalor but I am a really, really slow cleaner. Main projects were the dishes, counters, windowsills (red candlewax and parakeet poo), the floors, finally the birdcage.

I guess looking on the bright side, 4 hours in my parents' kitchen would probably have about half the counters and maybe the fridge done. Ew. Lesson learned from growing up: You should not be able to estimate the caloric content of any surface. If you can, you are a PIG! I am not a pig, more like a sloth.
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