May 4th, 2003

ice cream

still awake

i am up late tonight, the latest in a week in a half, during which time frame i have been good. however, tonight my frenzy over upcoming trip got the best of me and i've managed to get myself all excited looking up information on some of the cool places i'll be going.

anyway, speaking of being wired, today i went to blue cloud and george went off on how starting this summer, he'd like me to take them on as a business client, setting up an actual professional web site (as opposed top their crap one) and a real e-commerce system. my pay for this will be ALL THE COFFEE AND TREATS I WANT for the life of the business relationship. i said that sounded good, though i will have to write up an actual proposal and stuff. he and v are very good people and i have no probs with getting caffeinne, cake, juice, vietnamese sandwiches or whatever as payment -- saves me from having to use any cash (blue cloud is the main reason i go to the atm ever). so... another client snag i guess, no marketing necessary.

going to bed now. sleeping late. tomorrow i have a lot of stuff to do, but i plan on taking it leisurely.
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Surprising phone call

Well, what do you know, I'm eating dinner and Daniel and Caleb are over and the phone rings and it's Storm! And friends! LOL, it was too funny. We'd been haggling via email and chat about how I was to get from the Birmingham airport to her house (train, car, friends motoring me nearer, etc.) and finally they had an idea so she called and I talked to her, Lydia and Gabby, one after another. The current plan is once I get out of customs I should look for two goth types, one in a purple velvet coat, and they will take me away through the Birmingham traffic over to their house, then Storm will come for me there. On the way to her house, we're going hair shopping. Yes, really. I bet that's not the first weird and fun thing we do!
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