May 5th, 2003

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They suck.

I swear, it's like every day the Bush admin top guys wake up and say "Ah, how can we further fuck things up?"

Read about how the gov't now says a lot of wilderness is no longer wildereness and therefore no longer off limits to drilling, mining, foresting, or whatever else they deem the land might be useful for:

On a related note... well, related only because it was politics... Caleb and Daniel caught a C-SPAN broadcast of the House of Commons. Damn, if the U.S. Congress was 1/4 that entertaining, citizen interest in politics would be a lot greater. We were all saying how it looked more like they were all on a talk show than doing legislative work. And they were relaxed and laughed a lot. Also cathing our attention was that we could spot the conservative pricks even before the title graphic said their party affiliations. Pricks are universal.
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you know how you're preparing for a trip and everything is fine, laid out to pack and you think you're ok... and then suddenly you start flipping out with last minute panics? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! the fact that my birds have not stopped SCREECHING for the past two hours isn't helping me deal with this well. they will not shut UP! i wish i could just go to the airpot now but 4 hours at hartsfield would suck. damn. at least everything is packed.
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