May 15th, 2003

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The GooGoo Doll

I just found this on my hard drive... possibly the result of me testing my PalmPilot keyboard while drunk or really tired:

The GooGoo Doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl named MooMoo who lived in a town called GooGoo. She was always very sticky but since she'd grown up there, she didn't even know it. When MooMoo was grown up and had a husband, her husband sent her on an errand. It was a big errand, not just in town but quite far away. She didn't want to go but he said it was for his business and so she went off, leaving everyone in GooGoo for parts unknown. Wouldn't you know, the first man she met stuck to her and she couldn't get rid of him? By the time she reached the town she was supposed to go, there were three men with their hands attached to her sticky behind!

I'm a tad touched sometimes.
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Trip Recap - Arrival & First Day

So finally I will begin to recount my trip! BTW, for some bits probably later on I might go back and describe more in detail certain aspects, especially the Reiki initiations sessions, but for now, it's going to be the more concrete stuff.

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