May 17th, 2003


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Hi everyone!

Well, for those of you who haven't ever read Wraeththu, here's something you might consider:

This is the NEW and PHENOMENONALLY revised 2003 edition of Storm Constantine's first Wraeththu novel, The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit, which she's putting out through her new self-publication entity, Immanion Press. It's being printed by this outfit called Lightning Source and although it's not for sale in the U.S. (because Tor has the rights, since the Wraeththu omnibus is still in prinht), it's availble for pre-order on and will possibly also be able for purchase directly from Immanion Press and/or other outfits based outside the U.S. It's going to be ready by summer, maybe a month from now.

Anyway, I would already tell everybody to read Wraeththu, especially lovers of slash (this comes pre-slashed!), but as the person who wrote this review and ended up as the book's official revised edition editor, I am telling you, this edition is better than the original -- we're talking about an author who cares enough about her creations to go back 15 years and do a lovely "Director's Cut" almost -- and it's damn gorgeous in terms of cover, typeface, etc. Come on, pretty not-quite boys with magic powers! Can you resist? He he, just tweaking...

Anyway, we (Storm, Gabby and rest of those involved) are just so excited about how quickly this has come together, I had to share it with all of y'all (yeah, that's redundant but I must have been exposed to Southerns a lot today).
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I am suspicious of even mentioning this, but I wanted to record and share the fact that my father has now been the hospital for 9 days. He has multiple problems, including some blocked arteries various places, diabetes, kidney problems, and trouble walking. It's too complcated to get into it, but he went in for angioplasty and ended up with an arhthmia problem, then really high blood pressure, then low blood pressure, then his kidneys went down to only 20% functioning. The kidneys are now back but his pressure is very high, like 260 or something. Meantime he has to start using insulin instead of pills, because of the bad kidneys. My father is going to be 70 in September and for a Darling, that is old. It freaks me out.
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