May 19th, 2003

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Wow, strong defenses even while sleepy

Actual phone conversation, 7:40 a.m. today, when the phone woke me up:

Wendy: Hello?
Caleb: Hey. I just had to wait in line an HOUR at the airport!
Wendy: Huh. Why were you at the airport?
Caleb: Because... I told you! I'm going to San Francisco!
Wendy: What? You are NOT!
Caleb: Yes, I am! God, I TOLD you!
Wendy: You are NOT -- you would have told me.
Caleb: Well, I'm there now, can't you tell?
[It does in fact sound like airport.)
Wendy: You're just tormenting me because you have a mobile and you know I can't really tell what you're doing.
Caleb: What can I do to make you believe me?
Wendy: Nothing, I know you're not going to San Francisco!
Caleb: I am! I'll be back tonight. Wait, Tom's here, he can tell you.
Wendy: Nobody flies to San Francisco just for the day, you'd be on the plane half the day!
Caleb: Here's Tom.
Tom: Hi, Wendy.
Wendy: Hi, Tom.
Caleb: See, I told you!
Wendy: So where are you really going?
Caleb: San Francisco!
Wendy: You are NOT -- you would have told me!
Caleb: OK, OK, actually we're going to Tulsa.
Wendy: Oklahoma?
Caleb: Yeah. I'll be back at 7:10 tonight. Can you make dinner?
Wendy: Um, I guess so...
Caleb: Thanks!
Wendy: See, I knew you were lying!
Caleb: Bye!

That boy never ceases with with chain yanking! (Also, I bet anything he's not going to Tulsa. He's probably going to Florida again.)

Ditto for his attempts to use me as his personal restaurant. Witness yesterday, when I got a call at 2 p.m. He says, "Do you have FOOD? Can you make me lunch?" and when I say I have some leftover stew and bread, he says "OK, over in five." And I take out a tray and make him up lunch like he's my five-year-old come home after Little League. We BOTH have problems.
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Oh Susanna


Just got one an email from Susy. As usual, her words blow everybody else's (heck, even Storm's) out of the water. I mean, you know you're writing to somebody very special when among their parting words you find:

The short exchanges that we had in reality cannot match the intrapsychic connection
that once is created cannot be destroyed.


...Blisses out...
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The Hokey Pokey (he he, Madelyn)

You put your Reiki foot in, you put your Reiki foot out...

Just came to mind when I went to write this. Tonight was the first time I actually did hands-on Reiki on somebody other than Storm. Caleb was over and was really tired after bad night's sleep, getting up early to go to Oklahoma (he really did go there), then having a long, hot day. He was over for dinner and I had it all dark with Moroccan music on anyway, so I asked him if I could do it. To me it seemed like the Reiki was very, very strong tonight and it was electric-hot on his feet. I also left ghost images on Caleb's feet, so he told me. I hope he lets me do it to him regularly, as I need the practice.
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