May 24th, 2003


House of cards

So I read this report on Michael Jackson possibly being on the verge of bankrupsy. I believe it. I mean, I saw that special, I saw him buying that shit in Vegas. You don't just go around dropping $10 million in sculpture on a whim like every day and not run out of cash. Not even him. In the CNN article, there's this quote "I see no signs of this impending disaster... I cannot say it for 100 percent sure because nobody knows his financial statements. But I can say it for a reasonable certainty." All I have to say is Enron -- hey, there's a solid stock, let's buy some right now! Jeez.
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My Skating Adventure

So this morning I decided to try rollerskating from my house to coffee -- only 3-4 little blocks. Let's just say *try* was the operative. I bought the skates in the dark cold of winter at a junk shop and hadn't tried them yet and combined with having not been skating in like, oh, 14 years or so, plus the streets being at an inclined (never noticed before), it was *quite* a challenge.

I will say, I am proud I only fell down *once*. I picked myself up right away and the abrasion on my leg and arm wasn't really even bleeding, my palms were OK too. George and V at the coffee shop were horrified and Caleb was positive green and shaking when he saw me, but it didn't really hurt. By now it's been a couple hours and it's sore and red and people will ask me "Oh, no, what happened?" but it's not bad at all. I guess growing up with knees that were basically permanently skinned has me inured to such thing.

Anyway, back to skating, don't think I will try that again unless I'm someplace that is 100% flat. Maybe I can go in Caleb's building's parking garage! I was actually OK skating on the flat bits, but angles were really hard because you're rolling due to gravity, not your own power.
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dvd player

well, i got my player. unfortunately, didn't get cable and switchbock i needed. have to go out again tomorrow. i got the sound to work. and for my first dvd, got depeche mode videos -- i am too predictable.
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