May 25th, 2003

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Captain Punk

Something I just read on the comics page brought to me a rather neglected childhood memory.

Back in fifth and sixth grade, one of the main components of my lanugage arts classes were a series of books called Capitalization & Punctuation.

Often the teacher would call it Cap 'n Punc.

We thought it was much better to call it Captain Punk -- damn, totally changes the meaning!
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Thank you to malibran for his patient, helpful tech support, which saved me going to Radio Shack for a cable -- turns out I already had it, it was just a matter of figuring how what to attach it to and what channels to set up. I have no clue how people figure such things out, as it's really perplexing. I mean, I've got a VCR, DVD player, Direct TV box, turntable, dual-cassette player, CD player and a TV all there and, mysteriously, all working an connected to one another. Maybe I should go get an 8-track player and a computer to hook into it while I'm at it. Or maybe a GameBoy. It's ridiculous!
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This has been a most triumphant Sunday. Sandwiched in the middle of a long weekend and free of most Caleb-related annoyances (aside from the 10+ phone calls thus received) this is the day where, unmolested, I managed to complete an almost 11,000-word Wraeththu fan fic! I got the idea Friday and wrote out the entire plot while I was at work. I just could NOT get it out of my head and today I pounded it out. Whoo hoo!

Oh, and just for fun, the first paragraph:

While most of the bands were ecstatic about the club’s new generator, to Angry City it was merely a convenience. After all, the voice of Furious Screech could be heard half way around the world without amplification, or so he claimed. This was naturally an exaggeration, for her was only har, but it is true that Furious had a voice so loud it shattered eardrums.

Again, whoo hoo!
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