May 27th, 2003

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so last night caleb called me and screamed at me to turn on nbc. i thought it was some breaking news thing but no, it was some "i-dare-you" reality tv show where this "long-time, avowed vegetarian" was going to be downing a plate of eyeballs (yes, eyeballs). there was a cow eye, a pig eye, a fish eye, etc. well, instead of turning off the tv, i watched this absolutely revolting spectacle, caleb squealing in my ear. the worst part of it was the fact that they'd rigged the mic so you could hear the eyeballs popping inside her mouth. ewwww!

i also found that, i am absolutely positive i know what those eyeballs felt and tasted like inside the woman's mouth. i just know and i swear, a couple dozen times today, i've caught myself thinking about it, how they would feel and especialy the popping.

i believe this ability to imagine so vividly is brought on by the fact that as a kid, i used to like to chew on superballs (um, yes... also tin foil). also, i love muscadines, scuppernongs, and concord grapes because they've got those thick skins and you can pretend they're eyeballs (another thing i did as a kid).

anyway, i dearly hope my mind quits thinking about it because it's just nasty to think about popping eyeballs!

as always, i blame caleb for this trauma.
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