May 28th, 2003


I'm not needy, I'm not needy!

Oh, no, please, I can't bear it, not


I've been posting my story (the one I wrote Sunday) and the first two parts got 6 comments each, quickly, then yesterday's part has only got 1 in like... 18 hours. I tell myself not to get all up about this because the bits coming up will generate more comments and anyway, it's just vain and self-centered and silly to fret, plus Kris read it and loved it (just didn't comments), but, still, I am having withdrawal! Waaaaaah!
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Language police

I just read this on CNN:
Language police bar 'old,' 'blind'

The scary thing is, this is what CNN said. I wonder what the even scarier TRUTH is.

Stuff like this makes me feel really violent, like I want to find all the people who contribute to such disgusting, infuriating word murder and rip out their tongues.
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Um, I'm not Midtown, I'm Downtown!

OK, whatever, this is pretty close, though I'd still rather be Downtown (um Atlanta, that is, for those not following the program):

You are Midtown
You are Midtown. You are the coolest of the cool.
You are old enough to have your own job, but
not old enough to let the injustices of the
world bring you down. You like to have fun and
you most likely own something with a rainbow on

What part of Atlanta should you live in?
brought to you by Quizilla

And for the record, I do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT own anything with a rainbow on it. Nothing. Although my Oma's lamp has teardrop-shaped crystals on it that can MAKE rainbows.
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Ladies, I need your help

Maybe this is yet another one of those things I missed out on from having a mom who was just a bit, well, hmmm, I guess not the type of mom who directs her daughters in basic womanly stuff. (The funny thing about this is, my mom doesn't own pants, so how she skimps on other stuff is amazing.)

Anyway, what I'm wondering is, is there any way to avoid getting super chafing every time I wear tights or even panty hose? This is a problem in spring and summer. Remember, I walk a lot, so it's not like I'm just wearing them while sitting or driving. It's really bad. I'll wear a dress with nice tights and then for 2-3 days I won't want to wear anything, my thighs get so raw. I keep thinking talcum powder but I'm clueless. Maybe there's no avoiding it, short of losing 20 pounds until my thighs don't tough. Anyway, if anyone has any words of advise (yes, Daniel, I know I should lose the weight), let me know.

P.S. If you are not a lady but still have info, I don't discriminate.
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