May 29th, 2003

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Some good things to report

Today, I have some good things to report!

1) Finally sorted out the evil HTML that's been driving me BONKERS for days. It's part of the interface I'm doing for the online software system we're building for coop/intern divisions and I must say, it is looking good and everybody keeps saying, "Wow, you are so fast!" (I won't talk about who their comparison is but...)

2) At lunch, got a classic Caleb quote: "I don't try to be nice." I said, "No kidding! Gonna quote you on that forever!

3) Also at lunch, Caleb handed over a bag of clothes his boss Alycen was getting rid of and wow, there's some really nice stuff and damned expensive too! This is the woman who a couple of years ago gave me $5,000 in clothes, including three $800 suits (my only suit had cost like $125) and a dozen super pricey silk blouses. Anyway, today's take including three pairs of shoes (including a 250 e pair from France), a dress, a blouse, two satin skirts (one is DK), a jacket and a very nice stretchy lace black half-sleeve top (which I'm wearing now). I think this was my reward for a) giving Alycen my pair of Rangonis that didn't fit and b) buying her two boxes of Migraleve while I was in England.

4) Just got off the phone after an hour of completing the full application for a refinance of my mortgage, which will now be only ONE payment (not one mortgage and a separate loan) and have a lower total than before. Rates are just ridiculously low now... I think it's 5.735 and it's a 30-yr. I have to say, I HATE financial stuff of any kind (well, besides depositing and buying stuff!) but this has been easy so far. I'm using Wells Fargo, my current lender, and the nice lady in Minnesota made it all easy and spoke VERY slowly :)

Anyway, can't always be bitching, can I?
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