June 3rd, 2003

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bad timing

so there has not been any sime/gen fanfic posted since... well, since i went through my huge kick of reading it back in february. but i check the couple of boards i know of fairly often, just hoping that somebody will post something.

well, tonight they did and eeeeeeeeeeek! it was good but it was just sooooooooooooo long! i'm telling you, i have noticed that just about *all* sime/gen fanfic is really, really long stuff. each chapter is as long as many regular fics i've read and they are so damn detailed. there were scenes in this thing i read tonight, scenes of dialog, which if spoken would be like 45-minute conversations. and we're talking long, circling philosophical discussion, not light banter. wow.

i really was at a loss to keep myself from reading it through to the end. trouble is, hoped there would *be* an end, only it sort of ends in way where you know there must be more. damn! i don't expect it to be continued for months, as that's how long it would take to write another part that long.

meantime, this reminds me of how i wanted to write some sime/gen myself. i think i will wait until the unity trilogy (what i proofed for meisha merlin) comes out so i can have it as a reference. i am definitely going to buy that sucker because even though the writing left me feeling sensory deprivation (compared with storm), the premise of it and the relationships and storyline are quite gripping -- and sooooooooo perfect for fanfic.
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The Net of the Gross

Taking catscradle's lead, here's my list of the Collapse ).

The only pattern I see is a strong avoidance of Bruce-Willisy type action flicks and Harry Potter -- though I did have to see The Rock for work (got paid $36 too!)
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"Like A Giant Dildo Crushing the Sun" (sorry, only Caleb would get that joke)

The UMass Amherst campus has a very unique feature you can't fail to notice... from just about anyplace you go: The Library. The UMass library is the world's tallest brick library -- yep, 26 stories of brick and book. Let's just say it's a BIT incongruous. Anyway, found this great picture of it today that makes it look like some kind of monument fit for worship:

I mean, it's waaaaaay in the distance but it's like those students are pilgrims or something!
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Just discovered fare to London this fall for Grissecon won't be nearly as bad as I feared. Should get tickets now though, seeing as they're decent. Under $700 anyway. Considering the murderous price I paid for this last trip (in May... weird), that's quite good. Right now I'm looking at British Air since I've flown them twice before and they were so posh. Continental, my carrier for the last trip, was NOT "all that" so I'm wary of American carriers. Rather ride an airline that will give me nice tea and biscuits, he he :)