June 4th, 2003

ice cream

Why I Love My Writing Group

For almost a year, I've enjoyed the benefit and growth of a writing group. Called Outworlders, it's an outgrowth of Outworlders, a queer sci-fi/fantasy/la la la group I hooked up with last year at Pride. Well, I've told some people, like madame_mercredi and Storm, how great it is, how smart the people are, what great discussions go on there, how it's helped me, but today I got something in me email which to you shows you just what level of discussion we can get into. Also, it shows my friend Bil at his finest; he'll be quiet a whole meeting -- BTW, this isn't a virtual group, but one where we actually sit in a room together eating potato chips -- but when he delivers his comments, BOY, he is lucid

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