June 6th, 2003

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Mom comes through

You know how sometimes you have a memory just suddenly pop into your head?

Well, just now I suddenly remembered back to something I recall from first grade, when I was 7 or 8. It was morning and we were all gathered outside the school, all excited because we were going on a field trip to the zoo in Stoneham. Suddenly, though, I had a horrible realization. I think one of the teachers started talking about chaperones and how my mom was going to be one fo them. All at once I realized I hadn't reminded my mother about coming. In fact, I couldn't remember really even telling her she was a chaperone. Suddenly I was frekaing out, thinking how she wasn't going to show up and it would be so horrible and embarrassing, partially my fault but also my mom's, since the teacher was now saying she was late and apparently the teacher much have talked to her. Just as I was ready to get really upset, I turned and there was Mom coming out of her car. I was so, so relieved and I started babbling about how I forgotten to call her and it was so magic she had shown up without me even asking. My mom was like "Oh, of course I'm here, I knew all about it!"

LOL, do I sound like I've ever been underconfident in my mom's ability to take care of me?
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ice cream

A Start

I just found this on my hard drive. It's the start of what I was thinking would be a cool short story or book. Thoughts?

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today's friday five: love

sorry, couldn't do today's, it's a bit too depressing i guess. possibly also would lead me into even more tmi than usual.

my best advice is, if you have love or think you do, take advantage of it before it's too late.
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Brush with a Gentleman

Today after work I got off the bus as usual. The driver had let me out at the intersection rather than at the actual stop, which is at an odd location mid-block, with the sign blocks by some unruly street trees. The rain had started up again, just lightly but obviously gaining strength. I had no umbrella or coat. Standing at the crosswalk waiting for the light, I was surprised when a man who had come up beside me looked over and said "Need an umbrella?" Appraising him quickly, I couldn't help thinking, "Wow, this guy is hot!" Yep, hot, in the fit 40-year-old mature man with salt-and-pepper hair sort of way that I somehow always find myself attracted to.

Anyway, so he has this dinky little light blue umbrella and he's offering to give me some shelter with it, pretty funny considering it couldn't even keep one person dry, let alone two. Still, he's making the effort and appeals to me so I accept his offer. We cross the street in the rain and I remark on how I can't ever use those tiny umbrellas because I'm too tall and it makes my arm tired. He tells me he got his in New York sometime or other, which led me mention how I'd almost bought one today at work.

Within a few steps of the other curb, we ducked under the overhanging of the parking garage and there wasn't any reason for me to huddle under the umbrella so I moved off a bit. Then we were under a bit of tree and I had my usual right turn down Fairlie to make. Reluctantly I said I had to go and thanked him. I scurried down Fairlie and up Poplar, getting a bit wet but not caring.

As I crossed Forysth, I saw the guy walking by the Rialto and waved over to him. I then covered the distance to the building entrance and went inside, only to stand there waiting for him to walk by. I waited a bit but he didn't come so I went downstairs... But I admit, I had this fantasy he would come in there after me. Silly girl. Anyway, that made me feel rather buoyant :)
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