June 9th, 2003

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Things People Search For

Every week I've got an auto-scheduled report that comes to me showing traffic on my web site, metrogirl.com. My main thing to check is most popular pages, directories (or sites, since I have it subdivided), and then the information on what sites are linking to it and what search engines. I also see what people have typed in as searches... and thereby found my site.

This week's report has some searches that are even more bizarre than usual. I guess this is a compliment on the diversity of the web site under the metrogirl.com domain (which includes a web design business, a fan zine, two fanfic sites, a condo association and more), but still, it's a bit weird.

The highlights, and mind you, these are all one-time requests, so it excludes the normal searches like "pics of atlanta ga" and "marta fares," etc.

  • umass online diary
  • child with pain under ribcage
  • slipping her feet in and out of her shoes under the desk
  • what is goo
  • want to buy portaloo
  • masturbation without stimul
  • find the thrift shop in queens
  • find info on bui
  • notations or forecasted or handbags or mentioner or manageableness
  • abuso sexual posicion fetal
  • dark folk

Some of these make sense (I understand how they would have got my pages), but others are baffling.
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Scared/Scary Kitty

malibran has a cat who's a little weird. He's fluffy, he's playful, but he doesn't like fresh fish and he likes to bite people's feet. He's also scared of other animals... incluidng bunnies! Last month malibran took Pugsley to the neighborhood festival on his leash (which, duh, the cat doesn't like) and they encountered a guy with a bunny on a leash. The meeting was inevitable:

Check out the picture!

And sorry, slow load, there's an additional Pugsley pic at the bottom of the post which is not very optimized.

Oh, and the cute boy with the tattoo is malibran.
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(no subject)

My client meeting at 6 has been cancelled. This is a GOOD thing. I think I'll go mosy over to the farmer's market instead of talking about plans for his industrial matting web site. Oh, yes, that is a PLAN.
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One thing I'll miss about Atlanta...

Someday (not too many years off) I'm going to leave this metropolis and one thing I'm sure to miss is the great deals on food, especially produce, even more especially the food you can get at farmer's market (though even supermarkets are nice). Maybe it's just that growing up in Massachusetts left me accustomed to really shitty produce as "the norm" but WOW! even after six years, I get so impressed.

Take today. I went to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and bought

bunch of spinach
container of dried apples
1 lb. of strawberries
big bag of red grapes
3 large zucchini
large scallion
3 big tomatoes
1 lb. of carros

All for $15! The tofu was the best deal -- only $1.20. Just the other week I was about to admit Whole Foods was beating somebody on price, since they're generic tofu was only $1.50 or something, but no, this Korean couple beat them out and I can bike there.
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