June 10th, 2003

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Last year I went to Orlando for the Macromedia DevCon conference. Orlando... well, it was very Orlando-ish. Anyway, I was vaguely expecting to go this year but until my boss brought it up today, I had forgotten about it and didn't even know where it was. At first my boss said it was in San Diego in September, and I was cool about that (although I was also going "California?! What????!") but then I looked it up and Macromedia had a change of plans: It's now in Salt Lake City! Considering the furthest west I've ever been is Illinois and Minnesota (though I've been to Europe 4 times), kind of a big deal. Once again, my work is going to pay for hotel, travel and food but not my hours. Oh, well, get to go someplace new!
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So I'm going to Utah I guess and that's nice because it seems like I've been able to do decent amount of traveling lately. Mainly I think it's just a huge contrast over the year and a half when my finances were so tied into mortgage crap I couldn't afford it.

Since selling off the Metropolitan in April of last, year, however, been running around a pretty decent amount though. Let's see if I can remember:

- April 2002 - weekend in New Orleans
- Summer 2002 - few days in Massachusetts
- Sept. 2002 - 2 weeks in Germany
- Oct. 2002 - 3-day conference in Orlando
- Nov. 2002 - weekend in Chicago
- Dec. 2002 - week in Massachusetts
- May 2003 - week in England

Now for future:

- July 2003 - long weekend in Massachusetts
- Sept. 2003 - 2 weeks in England
- Nov. 2003 - 3-4 days in Salt Lake City
- Dec. 2003 - week in Massachusetts

There are still some trips I want to take. Just this morning, I was wondering if I should take advantage of AirTran's current special, I don't know, take off for New York one weekend in August. We'll see.
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