June 12th, 2003

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TMI Warning: In a Week, I'm Going Wacko

Well, I went to my ob/gyn today for a follow-up on the latest type of pills I'm taking, which didn't seem to be working, and now I have a new kind of pill and a new strategy: Once my current set of pills runs out, I get to basically OD myself on pills. (Yes, THOSE pills.) I have to take 3 a day for 3 days, then 2 a day for 2 days, then I just switch to one a day. But holy cow, I suspend that is going to do SOMETHING to me. Probably should work at home those days to protect people from my either crying or murderous impulses. Sigh. Oh, and the idea is to shock my system into flushing itself out. It better work or else the next thing is a "scraping." Um, no!
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Less TMI but same subject

I'm sure it has to do with also hearing about Mercredi's doctor visit today, but I am feeling sucky at the moment. My tummy feels weird too, crampy and bloated, like my mind has created this swolen uterus or something. Actually my doctor already said it was enlarged but still, it can't be as big as I think. Ugh, it's like something is going to burst and I don't think it's just the Thai food I had!

Meantime besides thinking about the upcoming hormone-slam my doctor scheduled me for, I find myself seriously surprised that this is *not* a hormone imbalance thing. The doctor has said several times "This type of problem is often the result of hormonal imbalance" but when they check for it, they don't find anything. Personally, I find that really surprising considering how much damn facial hair I've grown the past couple years. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if there was too much adrogens floating around because anybody who knows me would say adrogyns certainly are part of my makeup!

I think I am going to drink some nice sweet Cassis before bed.
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