June 15th, 2003

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Just wondering...

OK, just wondering if anybody else has this: When I get tired, my skin gets transparent and I can see my whole stinkin' circuloatory system! I've known lots of people who are paler than I am even who don't have this problem -- their skin is opaque, unlike mine.

It'll be really late and I'll be up changing for bed or taking a shower and look at myself and realize, "Shit, I'm the transparents woman!" I can look at my wrist and see like 4-5 fat blue ones, then the ones going up my forearms, then all the blue cords on the arches of my feet, big masses under my eyes, etc. Very weird tonight, there were these two HUGE ones that branch over my left breast (the much bigger one, presumedly due to blue flow?) out of this spot right in the middle of my chest.

It looks totally sick. When I wake up in the morning I look much better. Since I know I'm anemic it's probably related but I wonder how. Maybe my body just likes to play IWTV on me?
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Harry Potter and Race

I'm not a Harry Potter reader, but I know a lot of my LJ Friends are, and when I saw this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, I thought I'd put it here, since it definitely seems like an interesting point:

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The direct link to the AJC's web site (which is miserably slow and only keeps stories up about a week): http://www.ajc.com/living/content/living/books/0603/15potter.html.

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fanfic ramblings

all through reading the nightrunner series, i kept thinking what sort of fanfic could be spun out of it. then i looked for some and couldn't find any. well, silly me finally realized that lynn flewelling is strongly against fanfic. any links on the web i did find were either dead or had messages saying fics had been removed.

it's a bit heartbreaking but on the other hand, it seems pretty much a given that lynn will bring back alec and seregil and company for a fourth book and a good one so... i can be contented or pretend to be. now when do i get to see those two head up in search of the hazrielfaie? not soon enough!

meantime happily there is another fandom i've found which not only is a very old one with lots of nice reading (if sometimes very weird) but is suportive by the original authors: sime-gen. there are scads of sime-gen fanfic novels and some are getting published soon, i believe. i only have one story idea so far but i thikn in the fall i will pursue it. can't wait to get my hands into klyd and hugh!
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It's too bad I'm a pessimist

So the U.S. Supreme Court is going to be looking at that Texas sodomy case very soon. I wish I could say I was hopeful the court will be capable of making an intelligent decision on this, but such is not the case. Anyone who's ever read the actual 1986 ruling in Bowers vs. Hardwick will know what I mean when I say that sometimes justice truly is blind and (insert colorful adjective here). Certainly the justice who wrote that decision was. Gotta love lines like: "Precedent aside, however, respondent would have us announce, as the Court of Appeals did, a fundamental right to engage in homosexual sodomy. This we are quite unwilling to do."

ACLU "Friend of the Court" for the case

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