June 21st, 2003


Fanfic longings

You know, I seroiusly wish there was as much Nightrunner fanfic as there is Labyrinth fanfic. Actually I wish there was ANY Nightrunner fanfic but alas wherever it is, it's very underground as it is strongly discouraged and has been purged from the public net universe. Meantime the third boko in the series leaves so many things hanging and I know there will be more but WHEN?! is the question. Sigh. I am just so starved for more.
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The LJ Web


OMG, thank you tritium, for posting that b/c I find it soooooooooooooooo cool. I've seen visual interfaces very similar to that, e.g. a visual thesaurus or related authors or bands, but that is just SO cool!

I find it neat how I can actually *see* how there's a whole knot of folks on my friends like who are friends with one another, which makes sense as we know one another through mutual interests like VC or other kinds of fanfic.

I also find it fascinating/scary just how THICK a web certain friends of mine, like TBQ, Stephanie (Clarkson) and Daniel, have. Holy shit, people!

* Requires Java run time plug-in, which if you don't have, you have to install. But damn, so worth it!
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Happy Day & The Salon Job

Well, it's true I've been tired and feeling a little bloated, but other than that, been a good weekend so far. Let's see: Caleb's not here, my house is in order (meaning I don't have to waste my time cleaning it!), I've been watching my DVDs, getting stuff edited, eating good food, got a haircut, went shopping... Just overall nice!

Now for the much-anticipated haircut and dye job. Sorry I don't have pictures (Caleb is borrowing my camera) because it turned out INCREDIBLE. This time last week I was feeling just flabbergasted and almost in pain over the price I'd been quoted on it but I swear, as soon as I saw the result today I immediately thought, "This WAS worth it!!!!!" Basically I went in for a makeover of my hair -- not a cut or just a touch-up, but a re-do. I came in with overgrown golden blond hair with an inch of roots, just crappy, and over three and a half hours I was transformed into a movie star :)

Kelly started out by going over my roots so they were much lighter and blended into the blond. After steaming my head for a while, she washed that out and then went ahead with the task of doing all the highlights and lowlights. This must have taken an hour and a half or something, as she basically foiled MY ENTIRE HEAD with a zillion little pieces of foil, and did this pattern of three separate colors: light blond, copper red and dark red. She had me sit under a dryer for a while after that, then started rinsing it out gradually until it was revealed and I went, "Whoah, that cooool!" Then she went to work actually cut it all. I love how she did it; used a razor instead of scissors and basically chunked it so it's got a ton of texture.

I swear, by the time she was done, my hair was five stars and looking like something pretty darn unusual. I was cracking up Kelly and the other stylist trying to describe to them what I thought it looked like -- ostrich plumage, a tiger, a guinea pig, animal fur, shag carpet... I kept saying "I mean that in a good way!" but they still laughed. When the hair lies down flat, you can see the actual pattern and it's like an impressionist painting, but then when it stands up it really looks kind of like fur or fancy bird plumage. It's EXACTLY what I was going for!

Will get pictures, I promise...
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