June 22nd, 2003


Cover Art Preview

Well, over the last couple of weeks madame_mercredi and I have been working with the artist we've pretty much commissioned to do the cover for our book, Breeding Discontent. She's on draft 2 right now and it's getting pretty close to what we want. Just sent her a bunch more comments on adjustments we're looking to (lips, clothes, jewelry, skin tone, etc.) but right now, I just want to share. Feel free to make any comments...

The artist's name is Carolyne, by the way, and you can see more of her very impressive 3D work at Eirian's Dreams and you should really check out her gallery of Wraeththu work, which is how Storm found her. Drool!
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Short men

This is a NY Times articles on how America doesn't respect short men and treatment for children so they don't wind up "subcompact". Uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh. Personaly I think under-5'8 is a very nice height for men (women too). Smaller works as well. Taller than me (6'0") usually feels strange to me. Um, not that I like to be dominant or anything. Noooooooo....

Anyway, thoughts? I come from a very tall family so maybe this is why I don't see anything specially attractive in being tall. My brother is 6'6" but I hardly find him attractive, do I? He's bald! This article also includes the interesting tidbit that the Dutch are among the tallest peoples on earth, something I noticed in Holland -- felt right at home... not surprising since my family originates in northern Germany, almost in Belgium, then the other half's from England. Rambling, sorry...

Meantime, it's Sunday and as always, I feel I'm wasting it... though I did just teach myself DHTML layers and go grocery shopping and finish edting a book chapter so I guess that's something.
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Slash Frustration

I am STILL wanting to read Nightrunner slash and I can't get any!!!!!

I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it!

Phhht. I swear, this goes on much longer and I'll write my own story JUST for my own personal entertainment, which I believe is legal. Damn, I just really want to read some fanfic for that!
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