June 23rd, 2003

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Who Pays?

CNN article on who pays for the date

OK, this is just theoretical basically, but I think I would have to say unless it's Taco Bell or something where it's not a big lot of money, I'd pay. Why? Because basically I'd be surprised if I'd not a whole lot richer than the person I'm with and therefore the money just doesn't matter to me and they get the "She's so generous!" vibe. It's simple, it's easy, it means no figuring out a split check, which requirse math :) Of course, if they insist on paying or paying me back, that's fine too. But my impulse would be to say "Donworryaboutit." He he.
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And on a related note: dating etiquette

OK, so since I brought up dating, I'm curious: One time I met up with this woman three times at different restaurants and exchanged a lot of email. It was fun, she was very vibrant, independent, I think I was amusing. Anyway, after three times it got so she was really busy so instead of meeting up she called me. Now, that'd be OK, but you know what she talked about? For like 30 minutes? She talked about this other woman she'd met up with like a day or two before, this English woman, and how she was worn out and her schedule was a mess because they'd been having raucous sex. Jeez, no wonder she was too busy to talk to me. Caleb says this just proves I am "too slow" but I personally just thought it was quite tacky-ass rude of her. I don't think I ever talked to her again.
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Progress: Quantitative

Well, I just went and did a word count on the five chapters madame_mercredi and I have so far edited in our prep of the book and wow, we've gone through almost 40,000 words so far. The original was about 90,000. I would guess it will end up being over 100,000 by the time we're done with it. I know it's not a huge book (for comparison one of Storm's Wraeththu books would be like 170,000) but heck, it seems like it. Also makes my admiration go up for all novel writers because it's just a very big tedious thing to get through editing on something like this -- seems never-ending! Anyway, hopefully we stay on course and by fall we'll have a book to sell :)
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