June 25th, 2003

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Random Thoughts

I'm waiting for the dryer to be done and my head is full of typical late night thoughts:

...My company's called Metro Girl. If 10 years from now I still operate it (I plan to), will it be weird being called "girl"? Metro Woman sounds icky to me.

...Why does baked zucchini taste like POISON sometimes?

...How is it that a week after chafing my thighs raw walking, it's STILL not healed? I put a bandaid on the worst spot b/c without one, it hurt too much. Every day I change the bandaid and it's not healing. The whole area is all hot. Summer weather SUCKS.

...Not a SINGLE person at my work noticed my hair. It's the first time I've been in since I had it done Saturday. Nobody noticed or even batted an eye. Actually I noticed nobody TALKED to me all day long, even when I was going up and down and walking around. I actually MISSED Tonette!

...I've almost finished that DHTML-based home page I keep working on. Thank heaven for usenet tech groups or I'd never have been able to troubleshoot it and get it working.

...Was watching Naked Lunch tonight, as it was on TV -- as usual, engrossing! That was one of Caleb's fav movies in college and we watched it quite a few times. He used to quote from it and happened to be visiting here when his fav line came on: "I've seen you around... but I had no idea you were queer." He missed my fav line: "Could you just put some of that powder on my lips?" Ew.

...Ordered copies of the new edition of Enchantments. As editor, I get one comp copy but I'm buying 4 additional. I figure I want to send them to three family members/groups and then have another to loan out to people. Personally, I think everybody should read it, as it's a new and better start to Wraeththu, but for now, even at the trade price I'm getting, it's not cheap enough to be super splurgey.

...Want to know where to buy cordial! I bought 2 bottles in Stafford and I'm about 3/4 done with the Elderflower, then I'll have the Cranberry/Hibiscus, but after that... Where oh where can I buy it? I don't understand why everybody doesn't drink that, it's much nicer than soda and lasts forever, even if I do have to keep bubbly water in the fridge all the time.

I had some more thoughts too but they seem to be disappating...
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Red Alert

Well, today's Atlanta's first Code Red smog alert. Ugh. It gets so bad even walking in at 8 is almost too late, plus forget walking home -- have to take the bus, it's so hot out and the smog makes it just plain DANGEROUS to go walking around. I hate it. It pisses me off that at least for the part of the problem caused by cars (and that's a BIG problem in Atlanta), I am only creating a very minor impact (i.e. riding a bus which I shares with many others) and yet I'm the one who can get sick (hives, breathing problems, etc.) from having to go out into that muck. And it's the same for all the children and elderly similarly affected. It's like the thing in my building, where part of my condo fees goes to the valet service and I don't even have a car. Aaaargh!
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Observations on the E-word

OK, I started actually consciously excercising again. Actually I've been biking a lot more regularly lately than I had been and I certainly do walk a lot, but I'm using the newly opened residents' workout room downstairs and using EQUIPMENT. And I guess I actually like it. Scary but true.

Anyway, a few observations:

...Seems like no matter what I do, getting off the treadmill makes me reallllly dizzy. I feel like I'm on one of those moonwalk rides or something. Totallly freaky.

...As always, techno is the best music for exercise. Good thing I have so very many tape mixes from college :) Actually I don't exclusively listen to techno but since a ton of my tapes are from college era, esp. the mixes, there's quite a lot of quite wonderful dance music.

...According to the heart scan thingy (which I consider somewhat suspect), got my heart rate up to 180 at one point, which is on the one hand impressive given that my normal pulse is 55 (big people have low pulses, so I heard) but on the other hand not so impressive since it doesn't take all that much to "challenge" my cardio system.

...I had a very silly thought while I was on the treadmill, associated with that whole rush of adreniline thing. I started thinking how the ebb and flow of energy in exercise and the feeling you get is a lot like a really long orgasm. Jeez. My mind never gets away from such thoughts, does it!

...Speaking of orgasms, I discovered that if I close my eyes I can see the same sort of images I see during my visualization sessions. They were only faint today but I think that was because it was too bright. I'm thinking of bringing one of those nightmasks or exercising in the dark. Ha. Maybe I should listen to some dark ambient while I'm at it, complete the picture...

All in all, feeling very good, also very sweaty though. Needed to sit down a bit before facing the extremely taxing activity of... showering :)
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