June 26th, 2003

ice cream

This was not the plan

So I exercised and it made me feel really good, too good I guess. I felt so good I just got all this energy and mental acuity and got going on my projects, web design and editing work, and it's now 1:30 and I am uttterly not wanting to go to bed. I feel really good. I could stay up until 5. I feel so much better than I almost EVER feel in the MORNING. I tend to "wake up" around 11 p.m. Any time between 7 and 11 a.m. is not a time I want to be awake. Ugh. I seriously wish I had Storm's schedule at times... Sigh. I have no idea how I'm ever going to stay away tomorrow, though I have a vague idea of going to the BP on North Ave. and getting one of those quite tasty double-shot espressos (along with lots of Parmalat carrot/orange juice!). Then tomorrow night (ha!) I will get to bed at a "reasonable" hour...
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Still gleeful

I am still all high about the ruling. Wow. Now for the U.S. to accept Canadian same-sex marriages.... That would shock me WAY more I guess. In fact, I posted to a forum on the AJC forum yesterday and it's now online at:

Do you think Canada's decision to legalize same-sex marriage will have any influence on the U.S.?

(note: I'm Wendy Darling)

Also, just remembered I had a letter in this week's Creative Loafing on their MARTA article. They cut it down a LOT but still, its in there:

CL's "Going Postal" Letters
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For President I Select...

Got this from Stephanie, took the test myself...

Collapse )

Apparently I belong in the Green Party, though that only comes up b/c it's not a specific person I think.

I also find it highly amusing that the top-ranked Republican on my list is Patrick Buchanan and he's only 14%. See... this is what happens when you grow up in Massachusetts. Of course my DAD is a Republican but hey...

Take the test yourself
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The Ruling

Ahhh, now this may take some time for me to read but I want to read through at least some of it:


I think I want to read the dissenting opinion even more than the majority. Already found TWO quotes from Justice Scalia, dissenting:

"What a massive disruption of the current social order, therefore, the overruling of Bowers entails."

"Today's opinion is the product of a Court, which is the product of a law-profession culture, that has largely signed on to the so-called homosexual agenda..."

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I just got this very eye-catching spam:


Speaking of spam, anybody else getting spam that has video & sound? I still can't believe that... I mean, even when the source files are all remotely linked, the bandwidth issues boggle...
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The product of hours

Well, finally finished that homepage prototype I've been fussing with for days and days. I could only do a hour or two of work a day, it just fried my brain. I had to learn how to use layers... Gah! The code for this (select View > Source) is just nutto, in my opinion, but it's what the customer wanted. I feel a sense of accomplishment about it but at the same time, it's sort of frustrating because to me it's not a "design" it's just programming. I mean, it's not a pretty thing (esp. not with the mock graphics) and it's industrial matting. Gah. Anyway, look at it (and when you see the product lists, mouseover it! He he. (Oh, and if it doesn't work in your browser, tell me. It's going to need one of those "Works best with IE6 warning" warning, I bet :(
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