June 28th, 2003

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It's very interesting. I spend a lot of time browsing on Amazon, both the U.S. and U.K. versions, and just now I decided to actually activate the Recommendations section of the U.K. version, which I had never bothered with. I like the U.S. version a lot and have honed it so almost anything that comes up really is, in fact, something I'm interested in, but still, I was amazed with what the U.K. figured out about me in about 10 minutes: I've got a long list of british fantasy/sf books with goth/sex/gay themes and what I like even more, ones by authors I haven't heard of! Even though I value a wide range of reading, I really am onto fantasy at the moment, not interested in reading much else. 'Course I do have that STACK of mine to go through before I dare find something ELSE to read.

BTW, around 10:30 being drunk turned into just being tired. Right now I'm about to collapse into bed and hopefully sleep late. Then tomorrow I'll go hang out at Piedmont -- it's Atlanta Pride! I'll probably end up sitting in the Outworlders booth acting silly and fetching ice cream and (argh) buying some Meisha Merlin books and letting myself be polled or maybe get some free 15-minute massages by strong-handed men and women... Hmmm, I could have happy dreams about this!
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I am a dog?

I ran a search on my name and besides the usual mix of my web sites and Peter Pan bullshit, I found out about this book My Wendy Darling about a DOG that shares my name? That is DUMB name for a dog! At least name the dog Nana!
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