June 29th, 2003

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Snow in July

OK, further proof that it really does snow a lot in my hometown AND that it has been a damn COLD spring so far (my parents have been freeeeeeeeeeeezing), just found out the town's snow lot (where they dump snow after plowing downtown) still has snow in it. I swear, look, it's in the paper!"
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Boston Globe cover fan fiction

Found one of those interesting mainstream articles on "the phenomenon of fan fiction" in today's Boston Globe Magazine. Because it's a magazine article it's more detailed and researched than a lot of newspaper articles. It also makes some interesting observations...

Taking Liberties With Harry Potter
It starts OUT on Harry Potter fanfic but then expands to cover the broader fanfic world and its implications.

Some noteworthy quotes that hit me:

Fan-fiction writers are overwhelmingly women, in part because women are more likely to want to fill in gaps, resolve inconsistencies, or piece together the backstory when the original hasn't fully satisfied, says MIT's Jenkins, whose 1992 book Textual Poachers: Television Fans & Participatory Culture is much quoted by fanfic writers and readers.

(So wait, does this just mean I'm just nittypicky?)

And this quote, which seems pretty relevent to the whole Anne Rice situation:

In the United States, that's never happened, not yet at least, because a "cease and desist" letter from an author's lawyer to the website hosting the fiction is often enough to stop the writing or send it underground... But legal technicalities are only part of the puzzle. Culturally, fan fiction can act like a pair of golden handcuffs, a loving tribute from an author's most ardent fans that's also something of a veiled threat. Any attempt by a writer of Rowling's stature to shut down fan fiction would probably backfire into a public-relations disaster that would only serve to draw more attention to the disputed material.

And speaking of, I still want Nightrunner fan fiction. It's fat free! What's wrong with it?
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This morning madame_mercredi have been having one of our typical email exchanges as we work on editing another chapter of our book, and I swear when I consider how it is this book is being created, it's pretty amazing. I mean, this book has been created by two people but it's a total collaboration and there is very little of it that's not the product of both of us working together. For this latest chapter, we started with the original chapter (which we'd co-written) and then Mercredi took it and did some pretty serious editing on it, adding a scene, new dialogue, moving around dialogue, moving stuff to be covered in a later chapter, etc. She sent it to me and I went through it making comments and corrections all through. Then she wrote me back a long email reactingg to some of my suggestions, to which I offered back a long response with lots of ideas to help her expand on the new ideas we'd sprung. And from there, we keep on emailing and in a few days there'll be a new version of the chapter that will probably be pretty much done. And then I'll be working on another chapter...
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Seems this is the week to die...

I just found out Katharine Hepburn died. She was the first woman I ever idolised, after my mom of course.

I found about about her when I was 12, in sixth grade, and I saw the TV documentary she did on the life and career of Spencer Tracy. Since his wife had died, she was actualy there speaking openly of her relationship and she didn't do the documentary as somethign objective but as a tribute. That show got me off on an "Classic Hollywood" obsession that included Hepburn and Tracy and lasted (at least intensely) for about five years.

There are a lot of Hepburn movies I really like, from comedies like Bringin Up Baby to the Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer to even really weird things like the (rather wreteched over) Sylvia Scarlet where she plays a girl masquerading as a movie (and looking quite handsome, he he). Anyway, she certainly lived a full, full life, without a lot of compromise either. Hurray for Kate!
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