June 30th, 2003

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We live in a cruel world

This news story made me sad and angry:

Homeless pair arrested after newborn dies

This was here in Atlanta. A young homeless couple were living (presumedly squatting) in a house in a run-down section in the south part of Downtown. They have a month-old baby who they were trying to take care of. The baby starting choking in the middle of the night. They walked a mile and a half to get police help... and when the baby had already died (from unknown causes) they were charged with cruelty to children.

I agree that there's cruelty in this story, but on the other hand, what is it accomplishing to arrest these people? What, is it a deterrant? Plus, I would guess they didn't have a phone. And knowing how sketchy some places in that area are, it might not be that easy to find one either. I'm not saying the people were perfect or blameless, but on the other hand, they didn't toss the baby in a dumpster or leave it in a parking lot.

The other sad thing in this story is that apparently hospitals (assuming this baby was born in one) have a policy on how to handle homeless women who've delivered babies. They're not supposed to ever just send them out on the street but instead they are supposed to direct them to the proper services, like shelters or homes for women and children. Well, apparently there are parents who lie about being homeless because they think the hospital will take the baby.

Makes me want to scream.
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That Mike Luckovich

I admit this took me waaaaay to long to "get" but when I got it, I laughed.

Mike Luckovich is at least one thing Atlanta can brag about legitmately. Sometimes he goes too far but he goes too far in all directions :)

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Tempting my quality of life appetite...

For about four years, I've harbored fantasies/goals of someday moving to Albany, NY. Done the visiting, spent way too much time on the Times-Union real estate web site, even looked for job listings. My general plan is for sometime in the next few years, get my business together and move it to heck up there, buy a townhouse. There are so many advantages to it -- family, prettiness, you can wear more black and nice jackets, fast train to NYC, access to Italian food...

Anyway, my fancy was entertained again today when Caleb pointed me to some pictures on the architecture/city forum he participates in... pictures of Albany. For somebody who loves townhouses and city homes as much as I do, these are really nice pictures... and ones that have me thinking "What the HELL am I doing here?" (Atlanta doesn't really have many townhouses... ugh!)

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