July 1st, 2003

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Mystery Solved: The Hulk

In this week's Movie Answer Man column, Roger Ebert seems to go the route of Dan Savage -- out by me, since this is DAMN funny!

Q. The Hulk never knows when he'll be angry enough to metamorphose into a giant of extra proportions; yet whenever he does metamorphose, he always has his shorts on. I'm a science fiction fanatic, but I've never come across the explanation as to how the Hulk is not running around totally naked.

Her Lao, St. Paul, Minn.

A. "I'm as fascinated as you about that," "Hulk" actor Eric Bana told the London Observer. "Obviously it's got to do with the fact that otherwise we'd have a large green penis flopping around, and that would diminish the chances of us opening in 4,000 cinemas across the country."
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A sad & desperate specimen

I am still pining for Nightrunner fanfic and it seems I am to be denied. Any fic there ever WAS on the net seems to have either been taken down or scurried underground so deep I will never find it. It is WAY WAY WAY easier to find VampChron fic. I thought that being really good with all sorts of search engines, if I just sleuthed long enough, I'd find the contraband but I can't. Sigh. I swear, I've already read the books over and over, all my favorite parts, and just FORCED myself to get tired of it almost so I can stop wanting more, but it isn't happening. Gah! I wasnt Alec and Seregil! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
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