July 3rd, 2003

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Happiness is...


Seriously, I feel so, so, so happy after I write things, especially things I'm happy with. Even though I stayed up until almost 2 writing and editing last night, I woke up feeling wonderful and full of energy. I'm sure the exhaustion will hit me (it usually does, right around 11) but for now it's like a high.

Got to do what you love!
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High School Sucks

All through high school, I always, always said "This is a prison!" It wasn't just the fact that we couldn't leave or that the building was mainly made of cinderblock. No, it was because of the way authority was wielded and the rules that were enforced against us, rules that made the school in effect its own autonamous zone. The rights people have outside school didn't apply in school -- the teachers even told us so!

That said, with high school ten years behind me, I really really really feel for what today's students must be dealing with. I mean, I was in school BEFORE this (metal detectors, searches, cameras, fears of weapons, zero tolenace, aspirin a banned substance, etc.) and I thought it was absolutely mind-bogglingly oppressive! Check out this article from AlterNet:

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When Fussy Becomes Annoying

So Caleb calls me at work just now asking if I'd like to come over and have some of his ratatouille. Sure, I said, and then I offered to bring the nice fresh foccacia bread I got last night and had taken to work with me. After all, there's quite a lot left and it would go well with the soup. "What?!" exclaims Caleb. "I was expecting you'd go to Barrelman and get me one of their baguettes!" I was baffled. "But I already have this nice foccacia right here." Oh, NO, can't use that, turns out, because you can't use Italian bread with a French soup. We argued and finally he said I could bring it but he would not eat it, he'd buy himself a baguette which I would not be allowed to eat.

I'm sorry, I can be a perfectionist and I can do the whole perfectly planned dinner with ethnically matching dishes but for pity's sake, it's 100 degrees and smoggy out, I'm NOT going back to Midtown to go get a freakin' baguette when I already have something that'll do just as well. AND IT'S THE DAY BEFORE 4TH OF JULY -- TIME TO SLACK OFF!!!!

(Mercredi, assuming you manage ot read this, which you may not, given that you're busy with guests: Did your eyes roll over your head over this?)
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I confess

I really really like "The Immigrants Song." Jeez. Actually I think I just like Led Zeppelin a lot in generally. Someday I will go back and re-explore all the actual rock music I used to listen to. How well I remember summers with my best friend Dee, riding around the beach towns on New Hampshire in the back of her mom's red Firebird listening to Def Leppard, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Aerosmith, jeez, Black Sabbath... And somehow I now listen to Bjork? Don't say I don't have a broad range of taste, broader than some anyway.
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Friday Five: Vacation

Today's Friday Five, while it's still technically Friday...

1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?

The usual mix of activities, with my FT job, the contract I do Mondays, a big web site project for an industrial mat seller, editing the final version of Breeding Discontent, planning things for Grissecon. Also seeing my parents in a couple weeks. Oh, and Dragon*Con is in early September, so count that weekend for a good time :)

2. What was your first summer job?

Working at the town library. During the schoolyear I worked 9 hrs./week and during the summer I got around 20 hours, which was more than any other page -- got the hours since the librarians all loved me. I actually worked... unlike some of the other pages who were skaters and tended to hide in the basement reading skater mags. Besides enjoying the geeky work, I liked the summer job because it was air-conditioned :)

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

Any ONE place? Um... like to go back to England I guess, hang out with Storm. I'd say NY but that city is Hell in summer, so's Chicago...

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

The one-day "vacation" where Caleb and I went to Savannah and EVERYTHING went wrong. Number one very WRONG thing: Out of the entire continental United States, in the month of May, Savannah had the coldest temperature (colder than North Dakota) and there were 30-mph winds and it was raining. And the youth hostel was HOSTILE and very, very, very far away from the riverwalk. Caleb was sick too... and mad at me... and finally after one night, he called up AirTran from the Kroger and paid for us to go back home early, on business class.

5. What was your best vacation ever?

Hmmm. I'd probably say all the wonderful, wonderful long wilderness canoe camping trips I went on with my family (sometimes just my parents), from around age 2 to 18, every summer. That was one of the greatest gifts my parnts ever gave me.

In terms of more traditional "vacations," my trips to Europe top everything I think. The two months I spent in Germany in high school were sort more living the life than vacation, while the trip I went on this past fall a totally kick ass vacation vacation.
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