July 6th, 2003

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Oh The Onion..

Bush Asks Congress For $30 Billion To Help Fight War On Criticism

WASHINGTON, DC—Citing the need to safeguard "America's most vital institutions and politicians" against potentially devastating attacks, President Bush asked Congress to sign off Monday on a $30 billion funding package to help fight the ongoing War On Criticism.

Above: Bush unveils his sweeping new anti-criticism initiative.
"Sadly, the threat of criticism is still with us," Bush told members of Congress during a 2 p.m. televised address. "We thought we had defeated criticism with our successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. We thought we had struck at its very heart with the broad discretionary powers of the USA Patriot Act. And we thought that the ratings victory of Fox News, America's News Channel, might signal the beginning of a lasting peace with the media. Yet, despite all this, criticism abounds."

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Free Wendys

I just got spam offering me Free Wendys Gift Certificates. I think this is ironic.

Earlier today, tried to set a macro on Outlook so I could process my junk mail all at once, adding it all to the junk senders list, trashing it and making it so it gets trashed forever after... only Microsoft's instructions didn't work since they assume I can find my junk sender's list and it's not where they say :( Pooh. I get an average of 100+ spams a day in Outlook (which is 4 accounts plus some weird email aliases I have) and it is getting really freakin' ridiculous.
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Brag / Promo: Wraeththu Fanfic Booklet

Well, I just put up a little site for the new Wraeththu fanfic story anthology, Writers of the Storm. This is a printed fanfic anthology that Addie (whom some of you may know from the VC and other fandoms) has produced with Storm's cooperation. It's really nice, with a beautiful Ruby-designed cover and six stories, each with its own illustration by Deb. Soon Mercredi and I will be published in TWO books!

Writers of the Storm

Check it out!
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