July 9th, 2003

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Gay marriage case in Massachusetts

I keep hearing this case is coming closer and closer, and will soon be decided. Must say, wish it would happen while I'm visiting home this weekend, lots of food for conversation with the folks. (Reminds me, look at the church I grew up in and note that it's "affirming and reconciling). As it is, I'm already going up to Vermont, where I'm visiting my brother :)
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ice cream

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supervisor looked at me first thing today (which for her is around 11 a.m.) and said, "you don't feel good, you're sick." i told her i keep having nosebleeds and am exhausted. she told me to go home. she said "you're so white, you're a ghost." jeez. i'm not THAT pale, am i? i bet it's just all the veins showing in my face... when i'm tired and anemic, it happens. ugh.
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as i just posted to versailles...

speaking of knackered, i am THAT. it's about 800 degrees out here in atlanta, plus it's an "urban heat island" with a smog alert... and i just walked a couple miles to go to lunch... wearing a long-sleeve black drass. i thought i was going to turn into creamains! oh, and i'm surely still iron defficient and having nosebleeds. gack.
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hot and chunky

it is so hot that if i sit around the house bra-less (yeah, if!), my boobs hang down and stick to my stomach. ew. i wonder if they make pads or something to prevent this.

actually, i am lucky b/c i headed home today early, having heard that a construction mishap on the 14 floor had knocked out our a/c, water and elevators, but it seems by the time i returned it was back.

but i'm still sticky from the trip home i guess.
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The Favorites 10

OK, here's a challenge / idea I was thinking could be fun for those of you who, like me, might tend to collect a lot of "bookmarks" or "favorites" in your web browser. The challenge is, pick out 10 web links you'd like to share, to web sites or specific pages of web sites. I'd almost like to make it 10 links to WEIRD stuff you have bookmarked, but I guess anything you think is cool.

Here are my 10, all taken directly from my favorites:

German Deli .com
The MOTHERLOAD of online German groceries. It's like WebVan but... German and it's based in Texas.

How To Keep Thighs From Rubbing Together
Michel was kind enough to send me this link a couple of weeks ago when I was in extreme discomfort.

Free Online Typing Test
I admit, when I found this, I couldn't stop typing for an hour. I seem to recall being around 75.

Very handy for reference.

The Secret Pens: Sime~Gen Fan Fiction
This stuff is quite awesome... Wish more, wish more!

"A Website Dedicated to the Sexual Health and Pleasure of Women" -- whoo hoo!

Ruby's Asylum: The Wraeththu Tarot
Anybody still wondering what those "Wraeththu" are -- here are your pictures!

PopCap Games
Home of the infamous Bookworm game which swallowed several days of my life last fall.

The Lint Hotel
Hotel in Cologne where Caleb and I stayed last September. It was lint-less, we were disapointed :)

Hitachi Magic Wand
Marked this b/c this is what I want for my birthday.

That was fun!
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