July 10th, 2003

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I can't stop! I can't stop!

Why is it that once I get in Morrissey mood I simply CANNOT stop listening? I have a CD player on my computer and one in the living room and a tape player and I've got different albums in all of them. When when is done I either repeat or I go to the next machine and start that one over.

"Off the rack I was... easy meat and a reasonable good buy."

"Don't leave it all unsaid / somewhere in the wasteland of your head / and make no mistake, my friend / your pointless life will end / but before you go / can you look at the truth? / you have a lovely singing voice..."

"There is a place reserved for me and my friends and when we go we all will go so you see
I'm never alone"

and one of my true favs

"We hate it when our friends become successful / And if they're Northern / That makes it even worse..."

that just cracks me up, I swear.
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Well, well, well!

I decided to ask if I could work at home today (almost everybody in my department works at least one day a week at home) and for once I actually have been working steadily and completed the main project I was supposed to do. Yesterday I kept getting so distracted, this morning I had super-human concentration. Tomorrow when I come in, I'm going to try and get this whole thing set up on the server and then spring it on my supervisor. It's not the most impressive intranet or anything, but it's one of those "When's it EVER going to get done?" type things and I'm glad I finally got the go-ahead to work on it again.

P.S. I really need to make myself some more mood icons.
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coffee time

ok, that's it. must have coffee. it's 4 o'clock and having done my project work, been going through a css book for my css class (this is tech web design stuff). can i just tell you that reading about css is just NOT exciting? imagine reading the warning label on a can of paint thinner. i think that would be more exciting. i keep drowsing off. sigh. oh, well, i AM about half-way done in my assigned reading, but in order to finish, i think caffeinne will be required.
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southern thunderstorm

i love this. ten minutes ago it was sort of dull out, dull but sunny, blah. then all of a sudden there's thunder, the light turns yellow, and all the buildings downtown go into this very weird shadow, i can into the office all around, just like it's night, the trees are waving around, there's lightning... very QUICK change. now the rain will come and there will be a brief flood. all the streetlights in midtown will go out for a few hours, then they'll come back up. tomorrow it will be 800 degress again and all the water will evaporate, with the air being as thick as soup.

that coffee i made was great, by the way. coffee + silk soy milk + no-fat chocolate syrup + sugar. had two cups.
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Yesterday marchenland made a point about the overuse of the word "tragedy." The word came up in my head when I read Collapse ) about a severely disabled girl in NYC who died and whose foster mom put her in the garbage. She ended up being picked up as trash and yes, her body ended up inside a garbage truck. Really.

What really made me think here is that the girl they described has pretty much the same problems as my 6-year-old nephew Will. Will can't talk, often can't eat, can't feed himself or walk, can't control his eye movement, has cerebral palsy... but because of who his parents are and where he lives and all those other circumstances, he is cared for and really a happy kid that brings joy into his family's life. He's been in some very very scary situations medically, very very sick, lots of operations, but he will never be abandoned.
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a satisfying death

i just killed a computer :) not the one i'm using, but my old one. there's a big computer recylcling thing over at georgia tech this weekend so figure it was the perfect time to rid myself of the old machine, which has been sitting here totally unused for a year and a half. had to wipe out its addled hard drive and then untangle all the cables and peripherals. it was a good feeling watching the readout telling me how much of the disk i'd wiped though and that it was all wiped. i kind of wish i could use it now, all its old problems are probably gone :)

p.s. after all the posts i've made today, i think it's a good thing i'll be on vacation the next few days.
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