July 15th, 2003

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See no evil, hear no evil...

Slate article on Bush burying economic news it doesn't want people to hear

Ugh. I am tired, but I have managed to put away all my stuff and take care of most of the email that came in for me. Didn't post the Wraeththu Companion site since I need to edit it and bring the code up to my standards, but it'll be up by tomorrow, at which point I'll share with you Trish & Ruby's brilliance.

Good night.
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Now THIS captures a moment in time

I couldn't resist looking at the dig. pics I took over the weekend. Found this one I took of Dad watching my one-year-old nephew Owen, over at my brother's house. I think it's quite a poignant pic and since it's high res, I'm actually wanting to have it printed and sent to my parents.

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I wonder if there's some contest or magazine I could send this pic to. Would be a great painting too, and that way you could edit out details like those trucks you see out the window.
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oh look... non-literate fan mail

this just came in via my "thriftshop" web site:

i jus wanned 2 say, i fink ur stuffs reeli kule an, i agree dat ppl dnt no how u feel wen they say they du, im bipolar, an gotta loada uva shit goin on 2, an im not sum lil shit hu dnt no wot shiz goin onna bout, i reeli believe in everyfin u sed, an i bin fru a loada dpressin sites, an i gotta say, so far, urz haz hit me hardest, its made me realise, may b i aint da onlee person in da world dat feels shit rite now...in a way i kinda wanna say fanx, but i aint 2 sure y...

either this person can't spell and is oblivious to that fact or they had to try really REALLY hard to misspell just about every SINGLE word!
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The Plot

I just wrote this layman's description of Breeding Discontent and thought I'd share it here as well. This is the book madame_mercredi are working on so feverishly. It's supposed to be out by October.

I'm trying to get some practice explaining the plot of the book to non-"insiders" so here goes:

The book, called Breeding Discontent, takes place in the world of Wraeththu, originally created by Storm Constantine. Wraeththu is a hermaphroditic race that has pretty much inherited the earth after mankind slid pretty low; they evolved from human boys who mutated and spread their "disease" around the world. Wraeththu are pretty much like adrogynous gay boys with paranormal powers and the ability to have really incredible sex.

Anyway, in this novel, we've added a new chapter into the Wraeththu book series, covering an episode where one Wraeththu tribe has pretty much perverted and f'd up the whole idea of Wraeththu -- being a hermaphrodite, being equal, being above forcing gender on anybody. Wanting to create a kind of super-army, the tribe organizes a breeding facility and fills it with captured Wraeththu children, who they basically bring up to be brainwashed, hyper-feminine procreators. Wraeththu pregnancy is quick, only 2 months, and the tribe takes full advantage of this by basically training the specially trained Wraeththu to pump out a ton of children, then raising the kids kind of like cattle.

The book doesn't cover any of this in a chronological fashion, but instead starts out with the tribe that BEATS these bastards discovering the breeding facility. The other tribe basically abandoned it, leaving all the harlings there with only a few of the "hostlings" (mothers) who refused to leave. They're left to decide the fate of the children, who they are freaked out by -- esp. the older ones who've been made to be very feminine. Cut in between that whole drama is a flashback type of thing, with whole chapters filled with a hostling's diary, from early adolescence through to the time of the facility's demise. It shows somebody who starts out very innocent and trusting basically being heartlessly used and abused and then abandoned. Fortunately the book has a happy ending :)
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