July 18th, 2003

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Well, I got in a good mood tonight again (thanks to Mercredi & Storm) and managed to break some shackles I was stuck in. I got so "up" I dont feel tired (this is an illusion) and made some icons. The entire point of this post is so I can show them off, doing replies that show them. Can I get a witness?
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Politicial Leaders, Good and Bad

Although I think perhaps at this point I should just find an LJ community to post articles about the latest I-can't-believe-this Bush speeches, proposals, and lies, for now I just wanted to shared this information on a proposal to changes in welfare that will shift a lot of money towards "promoting marriage". Apparently this isn't flying with either right or left but in general Republicans support it as a "family values" / healthy changes to welfare sort of thing, while Democrats are just resigned to it.
Now I'm sure it's not just ME who thinks it's crazy Bush can be all in support of this and yet he and his party are doing all they can to push through anti-gay-marriage legislation! WTF?

Now on a realted (and happier) note, I got a letter in the mail yesterday from my rep. in Congress, Rep. John Lewis. He was responding to a letter I'd writen him about that ridiculous and unconstitutional Federal Marriage Amendment (the one that would define marriage as only between a man and a woman). Well, I was happy, although not to surprised, that Lewis is against this because, basically he is all about civil rights and equality: "I will not turn my back on another American nor oppress my fellow human beings. I have fought too hard and too long against discrimination based on race and color not to stand up against discrimination based on sexual orientation." Well said!

I don't really think I could be more satisfied with a representative. I feel about John Lewis the same way I used to feel about having Ted Kennedy as my senator. I look at their records and I say "Yup, voted just like I would." Every time I get outraged about something, I find out that either Lewis and Kennedy oppose it too or they are in support of the cause that I support. My dad would be the exact opposite, being a fan of Reagan, Bush 1 & 2 et al., but ah well, I think I am clearly not on the same ballfield.
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Do the English have fewer headaches? and other musings

I only starting drinkin tea three or four years ago. It started out with PMS Tea, which I purchased because I was becoming such an absolute bitch every month I was bitching out myself. I was surprised how much I liked it -- never appreciated herbal tea before. (In fact, I think the main reason I never liked tea before is that my parents tended always to drink plain Red Rose tea, which is very acid and just, plain tea.) On top of tasting good, it would very often fix my mood.

Anyway, since that time I've always kept PMS Tea and other Traditional Medicinal teas on hand, but then in May I visited Storm and somehow I wound up growing very fond of all sorts of tea. I have to say that putting cream or milk in it makes it so much better, I can't imagine why that's not common here. Last two months, I've been drinking up all sorts of tea, have a stock at work and at home.

Something I've discovered is that tea seems to cure headaches and can have a dramatic effect on mood. I suppose it's not always the actual ingredients but just the fact that it's something warm and often you sort of unwind and slow down to drink it. However, yesterday I was in a hideous mood at mid-day and had a cup of Egyptian licorice tea and in like 25 minutes, I was chipper. Then today I've had the most horrible headache, like a vice on my head and also my neck, and aspirin or food didn't do anything. Had some cinnamon tea and in 20 minutes, it was gone. So I wonder, do the English have fewer headaches?

Other random thoughts for this afternoon:

  • If I were to ever get a car, I would get either a GEM car (only for summer, since it's open) or more likely a SmartCar. Although unfortunately, according at least to this web site, the SmartCar is not going to be allowed in the US because it doesn't meet US road standards (though there still haven't been any tests). Ugh. I TOTALLY want one!
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  • On Stormboard, there was a long discussion of Wraeththu world geography that just drove me nuts because I honestly would be MUCH happier with no geographic references or maps. I mean, I can create the relationships in my head and even if someplace is modeled on another place, I'm happier just relating to it the way it is in the book.
  • Went to my fav restaurant today and once again, manager showed her love for me by delivering up some free desert. I ended up leaving a $5 tip on a $6 bill. That was some gooood gelato!
  • Looked at houses in Albany, NY, again (I'm obsessed with moving there). Here are some multi-families I'd like to buy (I'd either live on 1-2 floors or eventually restore buildings to be one single townhouse):
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  • Got some good news last night but I'm going to sit on it until it's "ripe."

As you can see, my new icon is very appropos for this post!
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