July 19th, 2003

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To inventors of Dirt Devil Swift Stick:

Thank you, this thing is GREAT! I've lived here for two years w/o my own upright vacuum, survinving (despite incredibly messy pet birds) on a cordless dustbuster (which only last 3-4 minutes and takes 24 hrs. to recharge) and then borrowing the big upright vac Caleb and I mutually own (which is too big to fit anywhere in the apt.) But finally I was at the new Barnes & Noble / GT market last night and there it was, my electric sweeper vac and finally, finally I can suck up all the dust around here without lugging around that monstrous vac (which I have to roll down the sidewalk from 3 blocks away) or rushing about frantically with my pathetic Dustbuster or even using the Swivver! Whoo hoo!
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The Clash... Got Me Hunting

Ever notice how when you listen to Rock the Casbah there are all these really mobile-phone-like beeping sounds?????!!!!!! I listen to an 80s station a lot and every time it comes out, I go looking for my phone. Pretty crazy since that song is way pre-mobile. And don't even start me on Kraftwerk, he he. Reminds me, it was so sad when my old Kraftwerk robot alarm clock had to go die on me :(
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A Genuinely Good Day

Well, I planned today as a day when I would NOT work (unless it on something extraneous I wanted to do) and just generally relax, maybe go grocery shopping, cook a good dinner, etc. Nice to see that SO FAR (there's still time) the plan has worked out.

Got up around 7:30 and happily worked on prepping the Wraeththu Companion web site (Trish's creation, not mine, BTW) so it can go back online & make Trish all happy. Got to chatting with madame_mercredi for a bit, very pleasant, then ran about my apartment cleaning and enthusiastically using my new vacuum! (How out of character is THAT!?) House was all clean!

Quick shower and soon I was over at Blue Cloud for coffee and neighborly chat. Went over Caleb's for a while after that, left after I got sick of Caleb trying to get me to eat his moldy cherries and strawberries. (He claims I'd eat garbage but it's not true.)

Back home, I went and after an hour or so, got the Companion online and sent out announcements. Feeling like by then I'd been inside at the computer too long (becoming work-like), I went out to the Curb Market for a shopping run. Got some good stuff. "Foodie" that I am, got some good stuff. From the Vidalia farm stand, got fig preserves. At the Italian market, bought a whole stock of goodies -- and then Bess threw in a $8.50 back of Italian nougat candy. (And in another storeowner-loves-Wendy incident, offered to supply food for my book launch party for free.) Then at the Korean produce stand, got a huge supply of fresh fruit & vegies. Loaded it all up on my bike - just.

At home, I was pretty wiped out from the heat, even with the short trip, so I laid down a bit, made up a plate of fruit & lunch goodies... then took out my Children of Dune DVD and watched Part II (watched Part I) last night. I got so into it, actually pulled down the shades to reduce daytime glare :) Damn, that James McAvoy is the sexist thing, I want one like that! (Um, and I love the whole series, honestly! Esp. for the architecture, sets and costumes.) Ah, that was fun!

That ended around 5 so I went to the weekly Wraeththu chat, which I enjoyed for around an hour, then called Caleb and told him I'd make dinner. My dinner ended up being kind of complicated and not everything was perfect but I enjoyed doing it. We had wild rice & cranberries (too sour), sauteed tofu steak, roast vegies (perfect) and then for a desert I made this French thing, poached peaches with pureed cherry sauce. He came over and we ate, then ended up watching TV, including a hunk of Gone With the Wind, a thing on Iraqi college students, a Stonehenge show, a thing on little antelopes in Nepal going extinct... You know how DirectTV is :)

He left and I think I've been working on various web site stuff, not real work though, just small things that require no brain power. Just sent out an announcement to the neighborhood about the new Barnes & Noble in Midtown... and now I think I will go watch more Children of Dune -- will Leto get eaten by those horrible cats?! I hope not!
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