July 20th, 2003

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My treasure from New Hampshire

OK, actually this is from France, I only bought in New Hampshire. And probably it's awfully "trashy" because it essentially just alcoholic black raspberry juice alcoholed up into being cognac but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it is good stuff. I mixed it with a little chocolate syrup. Sybarite. One single glass, I lost track of my knees. And two, well, that just makes me sleepy. Chambord is very good company for watching C of D. (Though better company would be Lelo, who I don't believe wore a shirt the entire Part III!)
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goodness, elrond's got quite an odd bod

bottom right... click on it... freaky or what? some of the other stuff, ok, not so much, but i bet dali could've used that as base material.

wasn't looking at elf slash pics on my own, somebody sent me the link. not saying there's anything wrong with elf slash, just wanting to be clear i didn't suddenly get into that.

like i need something else to get into... beside bed. going now. going to sleep late.
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Thank You

OK, so there are a lot of jerks around but there are also a lot of people who do nice things and help people -- and I definitely see this on a day-to-day-basis in my life.

As a measure of gratitude (thought I did thank them all), here are some examples:

This afternoon my neighbors helped a helpless techie finally do the necessary maintenance on her central air unit. I sent out a mass email and the guy who lives right over me, with the same floorplan, called and told me where to *find* the unit hidden under the bathroom drop ceiling, and then my neighbor Sam from down the hall came over and actually did the work for me with his TOOLS (aren't men great?). Yay. Now if my air doesn't work, it's not because the strainer is filled with weird gunk, which it was before :)

Yesterday at Salumeria Taggiasca, the Italian market that's had me as a loyal customer since opening 3 years ago, Bess not only insisted on not charging me for the $8.50 bag of fancy candy I bought, but then when we happened to get talking about how I was going to have a little book launch party in September or October, she immediately offered me to come by and get all the food for it... for free. Actually Bess has given me free catering two times before, during the Tour of Lofts. On both occasions I came in on a Friday and bought all the food for Saturday, then came in Saturday night to get more food for Sunday and she said "Oh, Sunday is free." Needless to say, the store has got a LOT of referrals from me.

At Baraonda, my favorite restaurant in the *universe*, where I go at least once a week and all the waiters know me, the manager Marsha has bought desert (gelato) for me TWICE and on another occasion a bartender let us sample Italian bitters. Also at Baraonda, a couple of years ago, we were sitting at a table and some neighbors saw us. When they found out Caleb had just got his Master's degree from Tech, they arranged for the waitstaff to bring us a huge plate of tiramisu, on their tab.

Over at Blue Cloud coffee, V is always giving me free drinks and she is nice enough to keep my carton of chocolate rice milk in the fridge so I can have my specialty rice chocolate coffee on ice.

Thursday night Storm and Mercredi let me chat-rant about my stress and overcommitments, then worked things so I would be able to take a few days off from the editing and writing, get caught up on my business and me-stuff. That was great. Then Friday there was another online chat, this time with Taylor, and he gave me some supportive and helpful advice about writing, publishing, my business, etc. Very encouraging.

When I said I'd be out of town the day of the big computer recylcing event, Tony at work offered to bring my computer in for me. I had to actually get it to the office, but he picked it up on the Saturday (along with other coworkers contributions) and brought it in. If not for Tony, that big useless (to me) computer box would still be here.

Don't want to give him TOO much credit, since he gets demerits for bad behavior too, but when I was away last weekend, Caleb was over taking care of birds and doing his laundry and *meanwhile* cleaned up around the house, including the bathtub, which I had been neglecting.

Oh, and all the nice people on LJ! :)
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Stoopid Computer Tricks

After MONTHS of frustration, finally figured out how to get my Outlook Tasks list to only show me me the ACTIVE tasks (incomplete or in progress) instead of every f'n task I've ever entered. Microsoft really was working against MY brain here! It made me crazy b/c although my PalmPilot only shows active tasks, the list was next to useless on my actual computer.

Second trick is something malibran taught me -- did not realize you could edit an LJ post just by going to it and clicking on the blue pencil icon. I always used the Edit Entries page and went to either edit last entry or searched and found the one I wanted. Hope somebody reading on this has learned something! (I can't be the only one who didn't know this.)

Meantime I just discovered a new 80s station... I like it b/c it has a really different playlist than the other one I listen to, which is more pop. This stuff seems more like Kraftwerk or stuff that wasn't so much videos.
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