July 21st, 2003

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It's it funny how people who talk and talk and talk and talk really really annoy the crap out of me?! When somebody starts talking and just goes on and on, even though nobody is expressing interest. Ugh!
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sooooooooo tired

what is it about computer software training that makes every hour feeling two... or three? i had 8 hours actual time in training today and the whole time i was fighting a battle to stay away. feel like i could sleep a couple days now, but hopefully a pot of coffee will help me to stay up instead of going to bed at 7, which sounds quite appealing right about now.
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Wow, I sound cool!

Just got the summer edition of UMass Amherst's quarterly alumni mangazine and I was about to decide there was nothing too interesting in it when I remember I'd submitted an updated for the "Extended Family" / "Where Are They Now" section.

Here I am:

Wendy Darling lives in Atlanta and makes her living as a Web designer, working for institutions, nonprofits, artists and small businesses. She also runs a quarterly Web-based fan zine for fantasy author Storm Constantine. Wendy is a neighborhood activist and mass transit advocate. She uses her journalism degree at work but now also writes fiction. She is working on a fantasy novel.

I think they edited it down a tiny bit from what I sent but I like it -- pithy!
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ice cream

This is how city life SHOULD be

I am not in the mood to cook, mainly because I'm in the middle of editing and would rather not interupt what seems like a good flow of words. If I tried, I'm sure I'd find some yummy Moosewood recipe I could put together, though the cooking part might take 30 minutes to an hour. So what do I do? I call the new Thai place that's so close I can see it out my window, and order their super yummy Massamon curry with tofu and some Thai dumplings. It'll be ready in 10 minutes! All I do is go downstairs, walk over like one block, and then a minute later I can be back writing and enjoying their very nice food. Makes things seems more cosmopolitan than they really are, since that is really the only place in the neighborhood that really fills that cheap-but-good-takeout niche, but hey, it's an improvement and makes me slightly less grumpy about the fact I chose not to live in NYC.
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