July 22nd, 2003

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F'd Up Fox

For the past several years Fox News has had a lease on a billboard right across the street from CNN headquarters, here in Downtown Atlanta. In the past this billboard normally carried a rather bland "24 Hours, We Are Better Than CNN, Nya-Nya-Nya" type of message.

However, since Sept. 11 and especially since Bush launched the US into war, Fox has not only changed the messages on that one billboard, they've taken out another one. The smaller billboard reads something like "Fox News: Fair and Accurate" and then there's a HUGE one on Techwood that reads:

We believe the media should not be a lap dog for dictators or an attack dog against this country, but a watchdog for everyone

Say what? I get annoyed with CNN, both online and on TV, but that annoyance is nothing compared to the outrage of watching Fox. I flip to Fox occasionally going through channels and I can't believe it's even in color, they should just color it yellow. Yeah, right, it's not a lap dog for a dictator...
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Ach, was für einen gute Tag war heute! Zuerst, mein Computerkurs war schon um 2 Uhr 30 ab. Dann habe ich Storm ein neues Päckchen geschickt. Bei Salvation Army gab ich Kleidung und Schuhen, nur späater $18 für mehr Kleidung und Küchendinge. Andere Gute war Jess, die hat mich bei ihr und ihren Eltern in Buckinghamshire zu besuchen eingeladen.

OK, well, haven't done any German in a long time. I'm fluent but... creaky... and wanted to try it out in an LJ. I should really try that once a week. Jeez, that was just SAD. Anyone here know what I said?
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My Mom the Adventurer

Just got this email from my mom (writing from my hometown of Andover, Mass., USA), cracked me up.


The library finally got a book by Storm Constantine. I took it out to look at it and I found your name in the Acknowledgments.

I took out "The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure" I don't know if I will read it since it is not my type of book, but I will start it and I'll see how far I get.


I predict she won't make it far but who knows!
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I just got my plane tickets for the trip to England this fall. Flying BA again. I really, really liked them on the other two trips I took with them. And there were really good prices too. I'm going Oct. 4-16, so 5-6 days before convention, then 3 days at the con, then a few days leftover to hang out, probably with people I meet, then flying out again from London.
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