July 23rd, 2003

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OK, I am proud of this coding

Even though I am *positive* that for some of you, this page won't really show up right, I just have to post a link to this prototype page for my current "big" client. Anybody who is geek enough to check out the source code, do so. It is pure evil. I have to say, I had help since I use Dreamweaver and some DW Extensions to do this, but I had to mess with it a lot and there are all sorts of things I had to do to get it all to work.

In the meantime, I'm considering trying to recreate the whole thing as Flash because I really don't think I want to rely on this insanely complex and not-very-cross-browser-compatible code. I keep telling my client that but he wants it this way.
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so let me see... not only did the us go out and murder specific people without any sort of capture or trial, but now they are paying an informant $15 million for each one? no kidding war has different laws than civil life, cause that'd SO be against the law, but in fact there are some laws of war, international ones, and once against, violated, violated, violated.

going off to wind my clock...
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OK, so it won't happen but

I just had an idea for a TV show and no, it's not original, but I'm thinking wouldn't it be great to have an "All In The Family" where instead of the family living in Queens with the patriarch a stupid Nixon-loving bigot, the family lived in an suburb with the dad a big Bush-ite who thinks he's a "caring conservative" but has kids in college who drive him INSANE because they are a bunch of meatheated commie pinko queers.

BTW, AitF is one of my favorite TV shows ever. One big reason for this is that Archie and Edith closely resemble my parents, or at least my parents if they hadn't gone to college. Sometimes I watch the show and Archie will go 10 minutes giving word-for-word some argument I remember my dad giving. It's funny b/c it's supposed to be outrageous and stuff but that's that stuff Dad used to say, things like "FDR was a Commie cripple," "the NBA should have race quotas to reflect the population," "Indians seem nice but they are really sneaky and selfish SOBs."
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Doing cartwheel in his grave

This report on the Boston church scandal is sick. I realy can't help wonder what Paul Monette would say, I really do. Monette, who succumbed to AIDS a few years ago, is one of my favorite writers -- as an essayist -- ever and one of his themes was exploring corruption within the Catholic church, including this type of abuse. He has a great, great essay called "My Priets." Monette grew up Catholic in my hometown, near Boston, and is in my opinion the hometown hero.
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I always dreamed of this

I always wanted to be able to travel, esp. to Europe. I didn't really expect to be able to though. As of today, though, I've got frequent flyer memberships with both Luftansa and British Air. I decided I may as well since I have two trips coming up and it seems like there will be more. May as well earn miles! I'll be in England in October and then there'll be a short trip to Germany in early December for Marja and Elie's "wedding." That will be at a castle and Caleb and I plan on spending some time in Frankfurt. Caleb has already determined that our next big trip will be next summer, to Italy. I wonder if I'll get an AliItalia frequent flyer card. Then I want to go to Spain. Of course I've still not been to Tennessee or Charleston or California or Texas but such are my priorities.

Perhaps I am making up for not driving? It is true that the cost of owning a car has been estimated at around $6,000 a year, so in a way, *could* be true!
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if there is somebody (pref. somebody from california) who could explain the recall thing, i would appreciate it. the issue has been like a mosquito in my ear, something i heard but didn't pay that much attention to. now i hear the signatures on the recall petition are being counted tonight. what is going on?! how can you recall a governor? it reminds me of a parliament having a confidence vote.
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I definitely could have predicted this

Survey says...

You're a Vulcan!
You're a Vulcan! Cool and collected, you represent
the epitome of self control.

What Star Trek Race Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I swear, the only other thing I was thinking was that it'd say I was Bajoran like Counselor Troi, but then again I didn't see any questions about liking to wear low-cut shirts, feeling empathy or going to work but not really doing anything sometimes. He he.
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Here's a rarity... religious thoughts

Today I was at the bus stop reading the paper per usual when an odd thought crossed my mind. I had just read a story about the Catholic church becoming more diverse as people from countries around the world press to become ordained. I was thinking about the idea of wanting to become a priest and then the idea being installed in a church, having that as your job.

And then suddenly I thought, "You know, I could do that." Well, not be a priest, but a minister anyway. And I thought about how really I feel quite confident that if I were suddenly thrust into the role of being a minister, say for the little church I gew up in, I would do very well at it. Of course the thing is, and the trick would be, that there wouldn't be any real belief behind it, just good intentions. I was there thinking how it could almost not matter what I believed as long as I helped the people in the congregation and community at large. I could make them feel better, teach classes, organize volunteer efforts, put together thoughtful sermons. Woudl the congregation going to interogate me over my exact beliefs? Even the seminary couldn't really ever *know* what you believe, right?

I guess the reason I can even think such things is that the church I grew up in was a very liberal, almost secular Methodist / Congregationalist place where it really was not about "You must memorize this" or "You can't commit X sin or be Y or you will go to Hell" or "You must do such and such ritual" or restrict your behaviors. It was more like "Be humble, remember to be kind and generous to others, leave the world a better place." Sounds like a very hippie church but I don't know, it was just some very laid back New Englanders, what can I say? In my confirmation class, I asked our minister, at the time Rev. Cornell, about Hell. He said there wasn't any such thing and it was something that had been devised to control people's minds. The important thing was to concentrate on the good one could do, the good inside you, not your sins, which are only human. As for sin, he said you had to try to do your best but that you would be forgiven. OK, now that sounds lax but to me it's very agreeable.

There it is. I am morally lax.
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