July 27th, 2003


Do I get a free T-shirt?

Well, after working on it for like four nights running, I finally got through the final big edits on Ch. 1 of the book. That would be enough of an accomplishment even in itself, but I really feel like I nailed the whole thing way, way better than I expected. I took a scene near the end of the chapter and just totally redid it and expanded it to be like 3 pages long. It now sets up everything in the conflict we wanted to do, very, very neatly. It just all took care of itself and now all the problems Mercredi and I have been fretting over ("How will we establish these things?") seem so much clearer.

*Here's hoping!*
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Bed head is best

You know, unlike some people, I totally think my hair never looks better than it does in the morning. Sometimes, like today, I will wear a shower cap in the shower, it looks so good. It is at its best if I take a shower or bath before bed; this way I wake up and it's all spiked straight up but all twisted into whorls all around from me pressing my head into the pillow. I love it like that. I am not washing it out today, it's shower cap time.
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Stolen from Caleb, who sometimes thinks like a kid:

When you were a kid did you think whales were very bad because there was the "hump back" and "sperm" whale?

On a related note, when we were kids both Caleb and I thought it was strange that there was an international prize where you won a fancy chicken dinner: The Pullet Surprise.
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So if US troops nab Saddam, do they actually capture him and put him on trial, or do they just kill him outright and show the world pictures? And if they capture him, do they had him to the U.S. gov't? Do they follow military code and international law? I'm not asking for a vote, I'm just speculating. My guess is if they do figure it out, they'll just kill him. Then they will wipe their hands and leave the country, acting like nobody noticed.
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